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Bee Healthy

by Persephone Kianka

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Bee Healthy, Monaghan’s first and only independent health food shop, which opened in December 2020 is much more than just a health shop.

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Bee Healthy

by Persephone Kianka


Bee Healthy is Monaghan’s first and only independent health food shop, which opened in December 2020. At the time, shop owner Ingrid McCann, who is also a registered homeopath, had no idea that her business would grow into what it is today, which is so much more than just a health shop.

When I spoke with Janette, one of the managers at Bee Healthy, she shared that the shop also serves as a hub for education.
Since each staff member has their own area of expertise, they can bring invaluable knowledge and service to their customers that can’t easily be found anywhere else. Ingrid, for example, has her own dispensary at Bee Healthy, meaning people can get a 5-10 minute consultation with her in the shop and take their homeopathy away with them then and there. Charlotte, who works at Bee Healthy part-time, has completed a beginner-level course in homeopathy and helps Ingrid out in the dispensary.

This is a unique service that the Bee Healthy team proudly offers, as normally, people would have to see a homeopath privately to get their desired remedies. Shop manager Margaret, who is a herbalist and naturopath, and Janette, who is in her final year of studying herbal medicine, also bring valuable advice to customers regarding the range of herbal remedies available in-store.

As Janette explained, “We really feel a responsibility to empower people to help themselves when it comes to their health
and to educate them on ways that they can work on prevention rather than cure.”

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