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Feng Shui for the year of the Water Snake – Shedding your skin

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feng shui year of the snake

Shedding Your Skin by Amanda Collins

The Solar Year began on February 4th at thirteen minutes after midnight, and with it came the transition from the Water Dragon of 2012 to the Water Snake of 2013. The Water Snake represents rebirth, healing, new beginnings and transformation as she sheds her old skin.

feng shui year of the snake

The snake holds age-old wisdom and the keys to enjoying life. Every few months, when snakes shed their skins, we can share in this symbol of rebirth, immortality and powerful change by releasing our own old patterns and embracing the new. So, 2013 is an especially favourable time to leave behind any old habits or attitudes that no longer serve us. In doing so, we may come back to our natural state which is pure love and authenticity, our true connection to ourselves, to each other and to Earth.

To bring our homes into similar balance in 2013, Classical Feng Shui makes several recommendations:

In the Centre of our homes, to remove the annual visitor Earth, the remedy we need to add is thirty pounds of metal and some moving metal such as a pendulum clock. The best colours for this central area are white and pastels. Red should be avoided here, and it is also important not to have any clutter throughout the home, but especially in the Centre.

In the Northwest area of our homes, the annual visitor is Metal. This area supports prosperity and self-empowerment. The FengShui element to add in this area is a water fountain to support career and success.

In the West area of your home, Metal arrives this year, its energy is unsupportive and therefore capable of bringing competition and loss. Adding a water fountain and the colours blue and black will help you prevent those outcomes.

The Northeast area of your home is the area for happiness, wealth and love, and this year it is by far the best area with the arrival of Earth. The element that you want to add here is Fire, plus red colours such as maroon, purple or fuchsia, perhaps in a red cushion, rug or piece of art. You might also add items symbolic of wealth here, such as your wealth vase. This Northeast area is especially good for retailers, and a great area to strengthen for a couple wanting a baby.

In the South area, Fire is arriving in your home this year. This element will bring financial gain, good luck and prospects of marriage and fertility for 2013. So, once again, add Fire in red coloured items and accessories.

In the North area, Water will arrive, bringing abundance and love, wisdom and business recognition. The element to add is a Water Fountain, while blues and whites are the right colours for this area. If you are single and would like to be in a relationship, the North is the area in which you should also spend more time.

In the Southwest, Earth energy will arrive. This is not the most auspicious area, for it represents accidents and loneliness. You can counteract this with two remedies: add metal, a minimum of thirty pounds, and avoid reds here.

In another inauspicious place, Wood will arrive in the East area of your home this year. Because this represents arguments, you may remove this energy by adding some fire to burn the wood. The remedy again is to add red accessories to this area.

This year also brings Wood to the Southeast area of your home. This area represents romance, academic achievement, career success and referrals at work. To enhance this welcome energy, add a gentle Water element such as a fountain or fish bowl. Lush green plants are excellent here also.

In this year, and every year, express your gratitude for your home. The energy you give to it is the energy you will receive from it. The more you notice, appreciate and express gratitude for blessings received – no matter how small – the more good things will come your way, including money. This Water Snake year of rebirth is a perfect time to create a gratitude journal to track your daily thanks.

Amanda Collins Feng Shui expert will be hosting a Buddha Bag Meeting in Dublin on May 2nd.


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