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Spring Vibes 2013

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events ireland 2013

“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” ~ Lewis Grizzard

events ireland 2013


Buddha Bag Meeting


March 14th & Ongoing

During this enlightening and practical talk, Sandy C. Newbigging will give you a mini master class in how to meditate, including simple steps from his Mind Calm Method. His one-day workshop will take place at South William Space on March 16th.




Meet Jai Shree Devi on her Ireland Tour

BANDON – March 15th
GALWAY – March 16th
CLARE – March 17th

Jai Shree Devi has spent many years working closely with Sai Maa, a dynamic, enlightened master. Jai Shree is great fun and passionate about raising individual awareness and empowering others on their spiritual path. The workshops will include teachings, breath-work, and tools for transformation.

Tel: 0879972270


Mother Meera visits Ireland


March 26th & 27th

Mother Meera is one of the most widely revered and loved of the avatars of the divine Mother. In this time of change, Mother Meera offers a direct transmission of light that dissolves all barriers and changes the entire being.



DUBLIN, March 29th

Your experienced hosts for the evening warmly invite you to an elegant, intimate, conscious and private sensual soirée designed to ignite, inflame, nourish, excite and delight all your senses.


Secrets of the Yogis – How to be happy

April 7th

Paulette Agnew has learned the hidden secrets of the Yogis and now makes them accessible for you. Join her and experience: pranic flow, yantras, mantras, psychic anatomy, chakras, koshas, relaxation and meditation.

Tel: 014429888 



A Course in Miracles Conference

DUBLIN, April 27th & 28th

The Theme for the 2103 Conference will be “Undoing The Ego”. Nouk Sanchez, Carrie Triffet and Stacy Sully will be Keynote speakers. Diahann Wilkinson will be the M.C again this year.


Gateways of the Mind

DUBLIN, May 18th & 19th

Learn lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences with leading consciousness explorers. Lucid dreaming is a powerful tool for your spiritual growth.


Natural Wisdom – Following Your Passion

The Shamanic Path (May 16th – 22nd)

Tantric Massage Training (June 24th – 30th)

The Shaman’s Tantra (September)

2013 brings a beautiful fusion of Shamanism & Tantra to Ireland’s spiritual community, brought together with joint passion by Glenn Sullivan and Lucie Chaya Chvojkova.


Hawaiian Mysticism Revealed

CLARE, May 17th – 22nd

Experience the power, beauty and wisdom of sacred Hawaiian bodywork. Rooted in the Mysticism of Ancient Hawai’i, this work accesses new levels of cellular intelligence, clears old trauma and uplifts the Spirit. Certificate upon completion.


Is Ireland ready for The Stargate?

DUBLIN, Dates tbc

The Stargate is a doorway to higher dimensions. You can feel guides, Ascended Masters, and the Galactic Command coming through the Stargate. They dissolve your Karma, reawaken your DNA, and rebalance your energy. “We are here because of a promise made to you eons ago in your time. We promised to remind you, to reawaken you. It is time!” ~ Alcazar



Free Lunchtime Meditations

DUBLIN, Ongoing

For any office workers or passers-by who feel they could benefit from a nice relaxing meditation during their lunch break, why not pop into Restore Clinic on Camden Street? Every weekday, two guided meditations are held (1pm – 1:30pm / 1:30pm – 2pm). Wednesdays are free for anyone who wants to try it out (normally €3 per session).


MandalaNature Workshops

MEATH, Ongoing

When you spend time creating a mandala, you are essentially creating a sacred space – a safe circle where you can allow the deeper aspects of yourself to rise to the surface. These shapes are imbued with an order, beauty and harmony. Each MandalaNature workshop is a journey towards wholeness where you can befriend your hidden self.


Pathways to Love for Couples

Ongoing, This series of workshops for couples is designed to deepen intimacy, trust and connection, and enhance sexual relating. ?To participate you must attend the foundation workshop to create a basis for this work.



Toilet Revolution

Toilet flushing is the single highest use of drinking water per person. Now, there are technologies available in Ireland that provide sanitary, odourless toilet facilities for the home. These products need no water or septic tank and save your corner of the planet for future generations.


Iswari Superfoods

Chia Up! is a raw superfood breakfast mix that can be made in minutes, simply by adding liquid. The ingredients are 100% natural, 100% organic, low glycemic, and nutrient rich.


Glenstal Abbey God Pods

The God Pod is a small, single, self-catering dwelling offering a space to encounter self. It is a unique place for you to pray, slow down and refresh your spirit. They are intended for those who seek God within and who are comfortable in the quiet and solitude this type of retreat setting offers.



A new health store has opened in Fairview, Dublin, providing locals with helpful herbs, vital vitamins, super superfoods and tantalizing toiletries, with doorstep delivery for orders over €20. There are also rooms available for practitioners to bring some holistic healing into the mix.



Lurve.ie  Dublin’s first ethical vegan kitchen

DublinKombucha.com  Fresh Kombucha delivered in recycled bottles.

LoveLivingDinners.com  Specialist raw food dinner parties.

TuttiFrutti.ie  Frozen wheatgrass delivered to your home.

HappyPear.com  4-week happy heart course.

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