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Spirituality and the City Spring 2013

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Spirituality and the City – “Otherworldly Experiences”

Camille Donegan, Theatre Producer

One evening in 1999, I had a breakdown and couldn’t stop crying for no apparent reason. I called my friend and she said: “Well, your Dad’s heading off to Peru next week, maybe you’re worried about that.” With that, the floodgates opened: “He’s going to die there,” I blubbered into the phone. After much hysteria, she calmed me down, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I knew I couldn’t talk to my Dad about it, so I wrote him a letter – told him that I had a bad feeling about the trip – and insisted on coming to the airport. I somehow knew it would be the last time I would see him.

The weeks went by. One phone call to wish me a happy 22nd birthday and then a postcard in response to my letter: “Thanks for your concern. I’m here for a good time and want to come back. Don’t worry…”

A week later, I got a call from my Mum to say my Dad was missing in Peru. His body was never found. It’s in a spiritual tomb on Huascaran in the Andes, where he would have wanted to be buried.



Kane Fay, Director/Producer with Bright Harbour Productions

This is my little tale of an epic journey we will all undertake sooner or later. Throughout my life, I followed the credo: “Walk the edge, because that’s where the toes tingle.” Well, my stupidity eventually got the better of me and I killed myself. I jumped off a sixty meter cliff, after a lovely thirty meter scuba dive under what looked like a natural diving board atop a cliff face, and died.

I had the most sublime of all trips, the most exhilarating articulation with complete freedom of four dimensional space; then the most shameful, as I watched over my friends’ efforts as they tried to revive me; then the most cleansing, as I forgave myself for all past mistakes and was then guided to and through a brilliant light by familiar spirits; then the most welcoming, as I navigated myself through a tunnel of light; and then the most breathtaking and enlightening, as I took a wonderful trip through the universe and all the incredible vistas and convergent information at hand. Then, as I slowed down with fearful thoughts of worry for my children, BANG, I zapped back into my conscious being.



Sinead Ringwood, Stay-at-home Mum/Gospel Singer

6 years ago, I was very ill in hospital. During that time, my friend’s mother died and I was unable to attend her funeral. This upset me greatly, so, on the day of her funeral, I decided to say my own goodbye to her.

I closed my eyes and said a little prayer. After I called her name in my mind, I could see her running towards me, not sick anymore and full of joy. She said that she was very happy and was looking forward to seeing who turned up at her funeral.

When her daughter came to visit me, I told her in detail the clothes I saw her mother wearing. My friend’s eyes lit up and she told me: “They are the exact clothes we dressed mammy in for her coffin!”

I was delighted and privileged to have had such a special encounter, and my friend was happy to know her mother was happy in Heaven.


Randy Ralston, Sacred Intimate/Truth-Seeker/Unashamed Idealist

The Universe speaks to me most strongly when I’m in that magical, ecstatic place where sexuality, consciousness and nature merge – where divine, mystical, embodied union takes place.

I began consciously awakening to this at age 10 – first through art and the intense beauty of the living Earth. Then, as I matured, my awareness expanded to include the entire cosmos and art of my own sexuality.

Each time I share/facilitate these orgasmic experiences with/for other conscious beings, it is simultaneously the most frightening, new and exciting moment of my life and the most familiar and safe. Whenever there is complete heart-alignment and presence with another being, magic happens – a portal opens to Mystical Divinity and we are drawn in.

What used to be isolated, rare moments of profound truth, beauty and sublime orgasmic connection, now occur on a regular basis. The world is my lover, 24/7.



Jane Topkin

Financial Advisor

I believe in angels and like the thought that they are all around us. Some years ago, I was playing a big poker tournament. A few days before, it was All Soul’s Day, November 2nd. Our tradition in Estonia is to light a candle and think about special ones who’ve passed away, and so I did.

As I was mentally preparing and going over my strategies, my Granny, who passed away almost twenty years ago, was on my mind. I had always felt weirdly connected to her. I spoke to her and asked her to be there for me. An hour later, lights flickered in my hallway (which freaked me out). I was convinced it was her.

I thought about her every night before falling asleep. I came second in the game, and am convinced it was through the help of that someone special looking after me.

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