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Winter Solstice Retreat at Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre – Breathe In Creative Consciousness

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retreats in Ireland

Breathe In Creative Consciousness – Winter Solstice Retreat with Mary Gaetjens

December 19-21, 2013
Price: € 140

retreats in Ireland

Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre is an oasis of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing! Discover a space where you can give yourself a well-deserved rest and take in something that will feed your soul from this very special Winter Solstice Retreat.

On Winter Solstice the sun is symbolically reborn as light re-enters the world on the darkest day of the year. All life re-news, refreshes and begins again. As artists, Winter Solstice represents an opportunity to release what is not working and restore the blissful creative exhilaration to our artistic expressions.

  • Unlock Your Gifts and Talents
  • Initiate Inspired Creativity
  • Ignite and Sustain Imaginative Action
  • Release Emotional Barriers
  • Receive the Encouragement You Need to Nurture and Grow Your Dreams

When this opportunity presents itself in the form of a supportive and nurturing group in a place known for its healing energy, our experience is super charged and we take a quantum leap in our self expression. If you do not know yourself as a creative being, this is the retreat that will awaken you to what wants to be expressed through you.

Enjoy Clarity Breathwork, Restorative Yoga and Creative Praxis as we experience healing support from Creacon’s vortex, and from Mayan and many other cultural traditions. See more on Mary’s website >

Places are limited, please contact Mary at the details below to book a place.
email: mary@kabody.com
tel no. U.S.: #510.393.7671

Contact Creacon Lodge directly to arrange accommodation >

retreats in Ireland



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