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Have you got plans for Thursday? You may do now! Buddha Bag Meeting, Dublin.

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Celebration of our Male and Female Connections


With Gillian from Biodanza

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Biodanza is a form of personal development that takes us out of our heads and into our bodies, frees us from stress, worry, anxiety and helps bring us back to the present moment, with a backdrop of incredibly beautiful, dynamic music to create a heightened state of emotional well being. There are no steps to learn anyone can do it. Its a fantastic way to meet and connect with people on a real level, make new friends and have fun.

The theme for the evening will be “Celebration of our Male and Female connections”. We will bring balance and harmony of the Masculine (Yang ) and Feminine (Yin ) aspects within ourselves. We need both Yang ( to increase the capacity of realization and action, courage, determination, penetration to activate the dream, security and faith in ourselves and the Yin feminine, the inspiration, the dream, our intuition, receptivity, sensitive, intimacy, nurturer.

As we have more balance of Yin and Yang we come into Harmony within ourselves and our lives and relationships ( The Taoist philosophy of Yang & Yin is, balancing both to bring Supreme Unity consciousness. )Join us for a night of celebration , connection and and harmony.

Tickets 15euro and 10euro concession.



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