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Our Mind Body Spirit Favourites Part 2

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The Mind Body Spirit Fesitval took place this bank holiday weekend at the RDS in Dublin and was like a glorious three day celebration of all things holistic and alternative. If you wanted to explore new options for wellbeing of your mind, body, spirit and heart, there were more than enough experts to answer your questions, demonstrate techniques and products and to listen to where you’re at and what you’re looking for – even if you didn’t come with the words to explain it. The atmosphere was caring, the stands were colourful and fun and uplifting and some of the products and demos quite frankly, amazing! Here is a mini roundup of snaps of some our favourites and friends. See part 1 here  if you missed it >

Ross Emmett of the Emmett Technique

Ross Emmett was at the Mind Body Spirit festival along with a number of trained Emmett technique therapists from Ireland. As well as having information on the practice, where it’s available here and where and when you can train in it yourself – to use either at home or as a professional, they were also offering short demonstrations of the technique. Paul Congdon, publisher of Positive Life, tried it out and was amazed at the affects and raving about it. Having worked in the holistic field for so long, I imagine Paul is a tough man to wow, so this says a lot for the therapy! Did you try it out?? Leave your comments below. We love feedback! emmett-uk.com


Brendan Lawless’ Folding Meditation Stools

These were truly a work of beauty. They’re wonderfully clever in that they fold up and hang/store neatly. While this may be nifty enough in your home, I imagine it’s especially useful for centres or even businesses who sometimes have meditation classes or sessions. You don’t have to have an entire room dedicated to the meditation but can turn it into the ideal space any time you need to. What I particularly loved about them is that they are so gorgeous, I think they’d be nice stored hung on the walls, exactly as Brendan had them displayed at his stand. Why put something this lovely away in a corner or a cupboard? brendanlawlessfurniture.com



Doterra Oils

I have a friend who swears by these oils and while I’ve only ever tested a few drops when I’ve been around her, they’re excellent quality and also come in neat, small sizes and cases to make them more portable and accessible for every day, every where use. We have a feature of these in the winter issue of Positive Life so keep your eyes peeled. doterra.com


Mick Sawtell from Tantra TLC

Mick was here joyfully sharing advice and insights on Tantra and what it can bring to your life. Mick uses Tantra with clients to discover their true potential and to heal their past. You may already know this from reading our regular Tantra column in the magazine, but this is really a beautiful, loving practice that can enhance all of your life, it’s not just about relationships and intimacy with a partner. And Mick is a great man to chat to about it. Tantra-TLC.com


Sacred Spaces

As well as there being tarot card readers, angel mediums and even a priest there with a quiet corner for chats or confessions, there were also quiet spots that were less specific but allowed a moment for contemplation and quiet solitude amongst the comings and goings of the show. One of these was a labyrinth set up for you to walk. These were a popular ritual centuries ago but are regaining popularity again due to people looking for all sorts of ways to bring calm and quiet into their lives where they can. Even Monart Spa have one in their gardens. Another quiet little spot not trying to sell you anything at all was the prayer space. You could simply sit and pray together.



Last but not least…

I couldn’t figure out what was going on at this stand. There were hand massages, but then the banners said something about leprosy. I walked past a few times before I eventually sat down to ask all my questions. The Leprosy Mission is running in Ireland for the last 140 years, making it one of Ireland’s longest running charities. They decided to take a stand at the expo to increase awareness and understanding for a cause close to their hearts. Every two mins, someone in the world is diagnosed with leprosy and Ken explained to me that even this figure may not be accurate, because obviously it’s not the kind of thing you want someone to know you have. They wanted to give hand massages to show the importance of touch and give people a moment to hear more if they wanted to. It’s an intriguing story. The man who founded the charity actually went to India in search of riches, gold and making himself a fortune, but on seeing the importance of a whole different set of values, he instead dedicated his life to this. They’re launching a book soon, so we’ll keep you posted. leprosymission.ie













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