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Our Mind Body Spirit Favourites Part 1

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The Mind Body Spirit Fesitval took place this bank holiday weekend at the RDS in Dublin and was like a glorious three day celebration of all things holistic and alternative. If you wanted to explore new options for wellbeing of your mind, body, spirit and heart, there were more than enough experts to answer your questions, demonstrate techniques and products and to listen to where you’re at and what you’re looking for – even if you didn’t come with the words to explain it. The atmosphere was caring, the stands were colourful and fun and uplifting and some of the products and demos quite frankly, amazing! Here is a mini roundup of snaps of some our favourites and friends.

Anti-Gravity Demonstration with Tara O’Neill of Vitality Holistic Therapy

I’ve tried anti-gravity yoga just once before but I can honestly say it is my favourite class and possible one of my favourite experiences of my entire life. That may sound a little over the top but it’s an incredible feeling, as close as you can get to flying as a human! It comes very naturally, even if you’re not an expert at yoga, the body finds its own balance in the movements and you’ll be surprised how good you are at it, regardless of whether you’ve practiced yoga before or not. Simply trust the fabric, your body and your instructor and enjoy. It’s also incredibly beautiful to watch, it’s like people swimming in the air before you. vitality.ie


Stewart Pearce

The notable sound healer, master of voice and angel medium Stewart Pearce was in two this week, giving readings, workshops, speaking at the Buddha Bag Meeting and somehow also found time to spend the weekend at the Mind Body Spirit show. Stewart’s Buddha Bag talk was incredibly well attended – as was his stand. So much so, that in the end I had to settle for getting a picture of him talking to someone rather than posed on his own! He’s a busy man! thealchemyofvoice.com | theangelsofatlantis.com


Finest Argan Oil

Last year I got to review Adrius Bogusas carefully sourced and produced Argan oil products, stocked and used by many beauty therapists and hair salons around Dublin. So it was lovely to bump into him and see more people trying out his products. Read the review here. I’m still using mine! finestargan.com


Stone Age Ireland

Stone Age Ireland took up what felt like a continent sized space in the RDS of glittering and grounding crystals and stones. It was like nature had seeped up through the ground of the RDS and set up its own stall. I picked up a beautiful Desert Rose crystal; these amazing stones look like roses and are formed in deserts – hence their name. Stone Age Ireland on Facebook


Burren Yoga Retreats

I love the west of Ireland. Everything from the landscape to the horizontal rain to the people and the amazing food. It amazes me that just one side of our tiny Island can hold so many amazing spots. After spending a week in the Burren as a teen, it has a special place in my heart and i’m dying to go back for a week of yoga now. Sign me up! burrenyoga.com


Patricia Lohan’s Singing Bowls

After some amazing treatments with Patricia last year it was lovely to bump into her and her bowls. Hearing their vibrations cut through all the other sounds in the giant noisy hall was sort of special. You’d imagine they’d work best in a quiet room whilst meditating or something, but the clear little rings coming through between everything else created a little moment of calm and focus every time I passed and managed to catch and ear-glimpse of one.


John Levine’s Alphamusic

John Levine, creator of Alphamusic, just recently launched Calmerceutical CDs, to help with everything from insomnia, to depression and even physical healing. His stand was so busy I couldn’t even get in for a listen! But you can find out more about them here. And here silenceofmusic.com


And if you were feeling hungry…

Natasha’s Raw and Living Foods were there to feed your body with all of the good stuff it needs to keep your mind, spirit and heart happy too. The queue was a testament to the taste!



Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page and Twitter for part two of our Mind Body Spirit Favourites tomorrow!


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