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Book Review: Sleeping Yourself Well with ‘Gemstone Healing’

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Good-quality, undisturbed sleep is essential for good health – and even more important for the healing process. The increased need for sleep that is often associated with illness is a sign that we can ‘sleep ourselves well’ in the truest sense. Unfortunately, however, sleeping well is not a given; external factors (noise, electrosmog, irregular lifestyle rhythms, jetlag) can just as easily rob us of sleep as internal ones (tension, stress, mental strain, illness). Gemstones can promote healthy sleep and ensure gentle, non-intrusive ways in which the body benefits from this time of generation.

In order to improve sleep quality it is important to know a little about the processes that take place during it. During sleep the body cleanses and detoxifies, purifying tissues and organs, it repairs itself and rebuilds, diverting waste products to the excretory systems. The immune system uses the downtime of sleep to fight pathogens and a similar process takes place in our consciousness: when we dream we process all the impressions and experiences of the day, bringing closure to unfinished mental and emotional processes. In this way, we free up our minds and make them ready for new perceptions and creative acts.

The easiest way of using gemstones to aid sleep is to place a sleep crystal under your pillow. Pillows should be filled with natural materials, which will not shield a crystals effect. Pillows with small pockets in which crystals can be placed are available from specialist outlets.

A circle of crystals placed around the bed will produce a powerful effect – possibly greater than a single stone under the pillow. Arranging stones in a circle creates an information field that reinforces the crystals’ effect and protects against other influences. You will need at least four stones (to position at top, bottom, right and left), but circles made from several more stones are better.

Individual stones placed near the bed – on a bedside table for example – are also effective during the night and for sleep patterns, but be aware that stimulant stones such as garnet, haematite, malachite or obsidian may interrupt or prevent sleep.

Healing crystals to aid good sleep

  • Green aventurine quartz – Suitable for use when you find it difficult to get to sleep because you are kept awake by a host of thoughts and feelings; helps you to let go and makes it easier to sleep through the night.
  • Moonstone – A useful aid when the full moon is stopping you from sleeping; place it under your pillow after new moon (if used too early, it will increase the disruption of the new moon period).
  • Amethyst – Stimulates mental processing of the events of the day and thus initially brings vivid dreams, after 1-2 weeks, your sleep will become peaceful and calm; it is better to use light amethysts rather than dark ones.
  • Black tourmaline (schorl) – Helps you to let go when falling asleep and compensates for the influences of areas of disturbance and electrosmog; this is no long-term solution and finding a good place to sleep with no disturbances should make more sense.
  • Serpentine – A healing crystal containing magnesium helps you to relax, switch off and feel at ease; it creates an inner peace that improves quality of sleep considerably.
  • Clear quartz – Promotes memory of dreams and so helps you to find closure to dream experiences in your waking consciousness. This makes sleep better and deeper over time.

Gemstone Healing – How to choose and use the right crystal and healing technique, by Michael Gienger, is available from Findhorn Press. £9.99

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