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Celebrate International Women’s Day in Newgrange, 6-8 March 2015

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Slí na mBan International Women’s Day Weekend Conference 2015


6-8 March, Newgrange Lodge
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Would you like to be part of a vision for women and for Ireland? Slí na mBan Women’s Conference takes place 6-8th March and Newgrange Lodge has been completely reserved in order to provide a women’s-only restorative space.  The weekend promises community-building, empowerment and networking. The event is focused on connection; to ourselves and to each other, and restoration; of the feminine power of community and of our own bodies, minds and spirits.

Ticket prices cover 2 nights of high quality accommodation, 6 meals of delicious vegetarian food and a full conference experience which aims to provide healing, restoration, community building and empowerment.

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possible, without claiming it, she stands up for all women – Maya Aneglou

On the agenda


  • Nurture, restore and connect to ourselves and each other
  • Root our intentions: in ourselves, and as women in Ireland, with awareness of our sisters around the world
  • Explore our shared wish to empower womenfolk
  • Vision, Dream and Heal
  • Identify what we can do together and collaborate on
  • Take in the sacred site of Newgrange


Register before March 1st. Queries can be directed to: slinamban@gmail.com


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