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Manifesting Miracles with Victoria Mary Clarke

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Victoria Mary Clarke

Saturday March 7, 10.30-5pm, Waverly House, Co. Wicklow

Victoria Mary Clarke is inviting you for, “An amazing astounding, unbelievable, exceptional, blissful, ecstatic, crazy, creative, unlimited, unfettered, wondrous, awesome, intense and powerful day!” Work with Victoria on magnetising and manifesting the stuff of your dreams.

“We will be exploring and experimenting with all aspects of utilising the Law of Attraction. We will explore different techniques that are available, drawing on the works of Florence Scovil Shinn, Shakti Gawain, Rhonda Byrne, Abraham Hicks, Sanaya Roman and of course from our own invaluable experiences.”

Techniques and practices to take home and bring into your life will include:

  • Conscious, focused manifestation
  • Vision Boards
  • Energy work
  • Guided Visualisations?.

Victoria also looks forward to everyone sharing stories about the things that you have already manifested in your lives to encourage, motivate and inspire you.

“?Most of all, we will use the power of the group and of group intention to allow all of our dreams to become realities.”

About Victoria Mary Clarke

Clarke is a journalist, writer, broadcaster, public speaker, angel channeller, yoga teacher and general explorer of the adventure that is life. She is an inspirational speaker, full of personality and expertise in the area of personal growth. She believes nothing can make you unhappy if you are determined to be happy.

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