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Buddha Bag Meeting May 14: The Pathway to the Stars with Jody Mountain

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Ancient Hawaiian Mysticism with Jody Mountain

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Thursday May 14th, The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8, 8pm
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Ancient Hawaiians as well as the Ancient Celts trace their origins back to the Stars. As far fetched as that may seem, modern science has now proven that 93% of the mass in our bodies is made of stardust. Instead of going out or up to God, Angels or Deities, the Ancients believed that the Great Mystery was to be found in the cellular consciousness of the body. Bodyworker and teacher, Jody Mountain, brings forward the lineage of Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i, transmitting a body of work that brings us back to our origin point as human beings. Through this work we are able to come into conscious contact with that the spark of Life which animates us.

Jody Mountain, student of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, carries an Ancient Wisdom lineage of transformation from her indigenous blood lines, as well as intensive study with the Kahuna. Jody is an international facilitator, guiding participants to engage with subtle channels of access in the body’s physiology and energy, and awaken our essential Resonance.  These experiential teachings re-ignite our visceral awareness of Spirit as we contact ‘the Ancient Soul of the Body’.

At The Buddha Bag Meeting, Jody will give a brief introduction to the work, guide us in movement which accesses infinite Life in the body, and give a hands-on demonstration of how visceral contact with the Infinite can be applied to healing, in the form of Kahuna Bodywork or Lomi Lomi Nui.

Experience this rare and sacred work, uncovering the intangible glimmer of Spirit inside of you!

Jody will also offer two workshops in Ireland, June 5-10 and 14-19 at The Cliffs of Moher Retreat in Co. Clare.


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