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Instant Chocolate Breakfast – How Could It Be Healthy?

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By Jason Linton

About three years ago, I started experimenting with superfoods. I wanted to create the perfect breakfast. Firstly, it had to taste divine. Secondly, it had to be nourishing; combining protein, slow burning carbohydrates, and rich in nutrients. Last but not least it had to be quicker than quick, it had to be instant! Oh and it had to contain chocolate.

So why all this bother about a breakfast? I’m a foodie, I don’t settle for anything less than gourmet. If it’s not sending fi reworks of fl avour, forget it. Secondly, I know that I don’t want to be battling a sugar crash at 11am. I want a quick recovery from my morning yogathon, I want my brain to feel like the supercomputer it is, and I want to be ready to run away from a tornado should it happen to fall upon us.

However, I also don’t want to be cooking the carotenes out of it, or faffing about in the kitchen peeling bananas and burning pans. So, armed with almonds, loaded with lucuma, and charged with chia, I set forth to create the world’s healthiest and quickest breakfast solution. First came the chocolate hit. Then the super powers of maca and hemp were sought to complete the trilogy. Shezzaam! Round one was complete. Feeling even more fruitful, this year I returned to the lab in order to take the alchemy to a more tropical dimension with acai, mango, strawberry and pineapple now tickling my morning taste-buds. Perfect for me, perfect for sharing with you.


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