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Event: Fashion Show in Aid of Gaza Children First, 24 June

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Gaza Children First is a new charity based in Dublin, working towards establishing an education centre in central Gaza.
“Gaza Children First was born out of a true desire to make a real difference to the children of central Gaza who have endured major traumas in their young lives. It is made up of a group of people from all walks of life who offer their vast wealth of time and experience to create a great group of passion, compassion and kindness for the Children of Gaza. We aim to establish and educational centre for the children most in need, where they will be taught by local teachers overseen by our project manager. We aim to employ local labourers to build the school and hope to expand to add 1 or 2 more schools in the coming years.”
On the 24th of June, they’ll will be launching the charity with a Fashion Show extravaganza held in Killiney Castle and featuring clothes from Dublin boutiques such as Rococo, SeaGreen, Style Ikon, Marimar, Miss E and Choice. The fashion show is aimed at women but it will also some stylish pickings for men from Diffney. There’ll also be amazing gift bags and surprise celebrity appearances.
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