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Exploring Indian Ayurveda with Vedas Beauty. By Elva Carri

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Ayurveda Dublin

Ayurveda is an ancient system of health with its roots in the Vedic culture of India. It provides guidelines for our diets and routines related to the seasons and our Ayurvedic type or ‘dosha’. It seeks to integrate environment, body, mind and spirit for wellbeing on all levels. I met with GP and specialist Dr. Donn Brennan to find out more.

Dr. Brennan works with Vedas Beauty in Dun Laoghaire and it’s a unique space in that they also offer Ayurvedic treatments, beauty treatments and have a top floor overlooking the sea for yoga and pilates. He tells me my dosha is Vata. When Vata is in balance, they’re lively and enthusiastic, but an out-of-balance Vata may encounter anxiety and fear. He gave me detailed advice on improving my overall wellbeing, along with ways to heal specific ailments I mentioned.

Armed with an ayurvedic supplement and advice to start getting to bed by 11pm, I left his office to enjoy an Abhyanga Massage. The massage involved much more oil than a standard massage and therapist Leena used sesame oil for its detoxifying properties. It was the most enjoyable massage I’ve ever experienced and I melt even now just thinking about it.

Leena explained that a massage for a Vata type would differ from other types, as it aims to bring balance to the qualities associated with three doshas. Mine was slow and relaxing, while another person may require something more energising. It was an insightful and calming morning and I even made it to bed by 11pm that night.


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