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Tomorrow Night at The Buddha Bag Meeting – Solfeggio Sounds with Yvonne Skelly

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Thursday 28 January, 8pm, The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8. Tickets €15/10 Concession

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What are Solfeggio frequencies? How can these magical frequencies heal and balance your mind, body & soul? How does this healing modality work? Discover all things Solfeggio at this unique experiential workshop, hosted by Yvonne Skelly, Sound & Energy Healer & Co-Founder of Naas Holistic Centre, Co. Kildare. During this workshop we shall explore what science tells us about sound and its ability to alter physical matter. We shall explore how these ancient frequencies work to heal, balance and rejuvenate; learn how they can be best used during a healing session and best of all experience these frequencies for yourself through a group meditation & sacred sound healing experience!

Yvonne’s life passion is empowering individuals to realise their true potential. Yvonne has over 16 years’ experience in healing, with her own spiritual journey leading her to many healing modalities, including solfeggio sound healing, reiki, rahanni celestial healing, crystal healing, cranio sacral therapy, to name but a few. Yvonne, who travels internationally on a regular basis, offers one to one healing sessions, facilitates solfeggio sound healing workshops, group healing workshops, a sacred sounds meditation hour and teaches Rahanni Celestial Healing. Yvonne collaborates with her business partner, Olivier Florian, for House Energy Clearings, with some incredible results!

Yvonne is currently writing her first book, which explores ways in which individuals can manifest their own unique truth to find joy and peace in their lives, a topic very close to her heart.


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