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Autumn Vibes 2016: What We like this Autumn!

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“No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such Grace as I have seen in one Autumnal Face” John Donne

Dream Yoga

Dream Yoga

Events, Workshops, Training, Inspiration, Treats & More for Autumn 2016

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Simply Delicious

Coconut Jam – The New Taste
The texture is a bit like firm Nutella, but the flavour is something else entirely. It tastes caramelly/fudgy to start off with and then the coconut flavour comes through, slightly toasted and just incredible. It really is not like anything else I have ever tasted.

Raising the Bar
A really tasty bar stuffed with organic ingredients, the Active Green bar is a pretty fantastic snack when you’re on the go. They’re raw, gluten-free and have 16g of protein in each 75g bar. For those with a sweet tooth, they have chocolate covered one too. A chocolate bar that is good for you.

Stay Healthy – Order In
Piply is an on-demand dinner service bringing delicious and nutritious, chef crafted meals to your door. Freshly prepared every day, a qualified dietician is involved in the menu planning so every meal is both tasty and health conscious.Take out has never been so appealing.


Be Good To Yourself

Test Your Sunshine Levels
Among other things, vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. For at least half the year, Irish people don’t get much vitamin D from the sun. Nutricentric offer a vitamin D test, which you can use to assess your levels and ensure your body has everything it needs for optimum function all year round.

The Book of Hope
Founder of Yoga for Hope, Mella Murphy, has launched her book Love at Last to raise funds for the Hope Foundation’s incredible work with street children in Calcutta. The book features a series of uplifting and inspirational quotes. Yoga is about more than just stretching. Mella’s work with the Hope Foundation shows the true meaning of yoga – compassion and love.

Mother Care
Minding Mum is a simple yet revolutionary concept – mums need to focus on themselves as well as their children. A new book on taking care of yourself allowing you to give more. A great gift for any new mother.

Author Alison Canavan

Author Alison Canavan

The yoga Sonatas
The dazzling Kitty Maguire teaches Yin Yoga which helps quieten the mind while releasing stress and tension in your
body. At the same time the sublime Anna Marcossi treats you to some amazing cello playing helping you to really let go and find stillness. It’s yoga and cello – yocella.

Unlocking Energy Medicine
With Crystal Light Therapy, the vibration from the crystal resonates with its corresponding chakra in the body and ‘tunes’ the imbalanced chakra to its normal frequency, balancing the body’s energy.

Flor Sylvester

Flor Sylvester

Lifelong Learning

Sing Your Soul
7-9 Oct, Bantry, Co. Cork.
Anne Marie Hynes guides you to voicing the sounds from deep within. She calls it your soul voice. Her workshops are transformative and healing beyond words. Anne Marie will be leading a workshop at the Bantry Yoga Festival.

13-16 Oct, Galway.
Crann Og Eco Farm has worked together with nature to create an organic paradise in which people of all ages can unplug, slow down and reconnect naturally. Their re-nature retreats are technology free and combine yoga with nature therapy. A perfect antidote to urban living.

The Birth of the Nation
13 Oct, Crowne Plaza, Santry.
This year’s All Ireland Annual Midwifery Conference will feature speakers such as Jean Calvert, Susan Bewley and Prof. Agnes Higgins. There is sure to be some interesting discussions.

Waking Up To your Dreams
28-30 Oct, Cloughjordan Ecovillage.
Becoming consciously aware in your dreams sparks insight, adventure and personal transformation. U.S.-based Lucid Dreaming teacher and author Robert Waggoner is coming to Cloughjordan Ecovillage to give a weekend workshop. There’s magic in dreaming still.

Cob the Builder
5 & 6 Nov, Sligo
Feile Butler is an architect. Colin Ritchie is a carpenter. Together they designed and built their own beautiful cob house in Sligo. In their Weekend Design Course, held in the house they built, learn from them how you can do this too. Their warmth and expertise and infectious enthusiasm will make this a course that might just change your life.

Teal Swan
13 Nov 2016, Dublin.
Integration and wholeness is the path of spiritual progression. Our divinity and humanity must merge to become one. By bravely exposing both their humanity and divinity to the world, and teaching the world how to integrate the two by virtue of example, people must begin to unite the humanity and divinity within themselves.

Breath of Stillness Retreat

Breath of Stillness Retreat

Breath of Stillness retreat
Leave the fast paced world behind and unwind at the beautiful Inch Hideaway. Snuggle up in a cosy Yurt at their Eco-Sustainable Camping in East Cork (10 minute walk to Inch beach) & enjoy a full weekend of Qi Gong, Shiatsu and Cranio-Sacral treatments that will reconnect, nourish and integrate your body, mind & soul. For dates, see their website.

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