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Positive Vibes Outstanding October: Lovely Events, Recommendations and more!

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Outstanding October! The long nights have returned bringing with them a delightfully chilled breeze. We begin to see cozy sweaters and coats here and there on the street and we welcome the wonderfully mysterious month of October. All hallows eve is around the corner and we are all excited to celebrate that night in our own way. After experiencing the recent black full moon, we have for you some amazing upcoming events, including our  upcoming  Positive Nights events; interesting retreats, great remedies and natural beauty tips. Check it out and enjoy!

Autumn forest and lake


Positive Nights Presents Dawn Cartwright


Date: Thursday, October 6th

Place: Powerscourt Theater, Powerscourt Centre, Dublin 2

Dawn Cartwright is on her way back to Positive Nights for an experiential evening of discovery. You will be guided through exquisitely beautiful Tantric practices designed for singles and couples alike, a journey into the far reaches of the heart.

Upcoming events:

Geoff Fitzpatrick October 13th

Roisin Fitzpatrick: October 20th

Alison Canavan: October 27th

If you would like to book, please visit here for more info or email us at positivenights@gmail.com

Magical Chocolate

Dark chocolate shavings and sprinkled cocoa powder

Magic Mayan Chocolate is a beautifully hand made raw chocolate with all the deliciousness that this definition implies! These bars are amazing. Magic Mayan provides 14 different organically sourced, deeply dark, dairy-, gluten- and soya free raw chocolate bars to health stores and raw chocolate fans.

Visit their site for more info if you feel like a treat!

Nature Retreats with Crann Og Eco Farm


Date for the upcoming retreat: 17th to 20th November 2016

Crann Og Eco Farm has worked together with nature to create an organic paradise in which people of all ages can  slow down and reconnect naturally. Their re-nature retreats are technology free and combine yoga with nature therapy. A perfect antidote to urban living.


For more info and future retreat dates visit here.

Nua Naturals Superfood

Super foods in spoons and bowls

An incredible healthy food business! Nua Naturals are at the cutting edge of the growing global trends of health and wellness such as ‘Raw foods’, ‘Lactose Free’ and ‘Vegan’. They are lovers and producers of organic health and super foods across the globe.We met them recently at the natural health expo and tried some of their new products, Turmeric milk was the standout, golden deliciousness.

Visit here to see all of her fabulous products!

Dr. Maher Skin Care line

Facial cream with beauty cherry blossoms

This Award Winning Skin Care line is perfectly crafted. All of Doctor Maher’s products are 100% natural, made with highly nourishing, edible ingredients, each in effective amounts. As a Biochemist, Dr. Neil Maher took care into sourcing the finest, safest natural ingredients available for his products.Congrats to them on winning the NATURAL HEALTH EXPO AWARD, best skincare.


Check out the lovely line here.

Angie & YogaWay


Angie is based in Co. Wicklow and is passionate about living a sustainable & resilient way of life in harmony with her natural surroundings. Angie runs retreats from her home, and teaches Yoga, does digital detox, foraging walks, vegetarian cooking classes and plenty more!

Check angie’s many talents here

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