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Positive Life Presents Positive Nights: The Exploration of Cosciousness

by Admin

Mandala Workshops Dublin

Facebook Page Event | Thursday, October 13th, 7:30pm | Eur 20/15 Concession

Doors open at: 6:45pm

With a passion for the creation of Mandalas and always a conscious explorer, Geoff Fitzpatrick is returning to Positive Nights for an evening of discovery.

The night will be a very special one! Geoff will discuss as well Crop circles, Mandalas, breath work and how we can come into harmony with something far vaster than our ‘day to day selves’. It will also be an interactive evening with you participating and learning at the same time. So get ready for a beautiful & adventurous time!

To ensure your seat please prepay through Paypal by sending payment to positivenights@gmail.com with your name & Geoff Fitzpatrickevent as the reference.

Email us at positivenights@gmail.com for any more info!

We look forward to seeing you there!

More about Geoff

Geoff Fitzpatrick B.A. has studied psychology in Trinity College Dublin, and is a Graduate of the Milltown Institute of Theology where he studied spiritual enrichment. He has an active interest in modern consciousness research and is currently training with Stanislav Grof to become a facilitator of holotropic breathwork. He has been constructing mandalas for 10 years and is driven to promote the transformative potential of these sacred circles.


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