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Spring Issue 2017: Star Cross’d Brothers

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By Calodagh McCumiskey

The Happy Pear’s Dave and Steve Flynn are two amazing people to spend time with. Astrologically, they are particularly interesting because they are twins. Only fifteen minutes separate their births. In their Vedic birth chart, they are Libra Ascendants and Venus, the owner of their first house is in their 3rd house, the house of doing. Naturally, they just love doing and are always into something, active and on the move. Venus is the planet of enjoyment and the symbol of Libra is the scales of justice so they are highly ethical, always seeking balance and they love doing fun things that bring joy and balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What’s more, they inspire others to do the same.

Mercury and Sun are in their second house – the house of speech, wealth and eating which makes them excellent communicators and business people, with a focus on food and in particular hot food. Sun is the most important heavenly body as the Sun gives life to all planets and to us. When they speak, they have a powerful ability to connect with whom they are talking and the Sun-Mercury combination enables them to inspire others to act towards balance, health and wellbeing. Sun representing the soul, means they can connect with people at a deep and fundamental level. It is Venus, in the house of writing, which gives them the powerful ability to write beautiful books.

Jupiter, Mars and Rahu in their 11th house, means they know a lot of people and a lot of people know them. This is also their house of income. This is the best position for Rahu (known as the Dragon’s head), particularly for wealth. Jupiter, a planet of communications and expansion, helps them connect with their customers and followers in a powerful way. Mars helps them inspire many dynamic people to change their lives positively. Moon and Saturn in the 12th house, the house of overseas, means they will not live where they were born for long (they were born in Canada) and it also gives them the possibility to be famous around the world as Saturn represents the masses. Stress by definition is an upset in our physical or mental balance. Stress is a major epidemic in modern life.

This happy pair have the ability to help and inspire people to find balance in a fun, healthy and enjoyable way which is so essential in today’s world. They are now going through the major period of Jupiter. It started for Dave on October 8 and for Steve on October 29. This is a very powerful period for them professionally. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, owns their 3rd and 6th houses which gives them strong focus and ability to succeed and expand greatly in all areas. They will inspire many more people towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. While they are very similar, they have a different rising sign in their Navamsh divisional charts, which gives insights into their personal differences. But that is a story for another day! We can expect to hear a lot more from them in Ireland and all around the world. I look forward to more shops, products, books, media, innovative strategies and significantly more influence on the younger generations. They are great role models, charismatic, fun, successful and full of heart and soul. The world is at their feet.

Calodagh mcCumiskey is a Vedic Astrologer. find out what the stars have in store for you. hellenisticvedicastrology.com 

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