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A Beautiful Review: Deva Premal & Miten in Dublin

by Alison McEvoy

Deva premal and miten concert
By Alison McEvoy

As the first sound emerged from Deva on the night of her concert in Dublin, I felt my body respond
with shivers of delight. It was as if I were shaking off some of life’s dust which had gathered around me. Each note vibrated with a palpable out-pouring of emotion, devotion and love. My body, my face, broke open into a smile that lasted even after I’d laid my head on my pillow, at the end of the

Magical, mythical and memorable, the stage perched Deva, Miten, Manose and musical crew under
the arch of a beautiful, Arabic doorway. As the night went on we entered further and deeper…into
the magic and immersed ourselves in the ancient memories stirred by the music and chants. We were no longer ‘audience’ and they ‘performers’ – we were fellow travellers, fellow seekers, fellow divine beings. We chanted together, meditated through mantra together, sang harmonies, greeted each other and gazed into the eyes of as many seated around us as possible. Towards the end of the night, as many as could gathered round the stage, some crying, others laughing, couples embracing; everyone swaying, absorbed and touched, each in our own way, by this beautiful invitation we had been given – to be ourselves, to be present, to be as One.

At Mitens’ song All is Welcome here, my friend beside me broke into tears. To arrive as we were, some from work, from home, from fray, from quarrel….and to find ourselves graced with joy, laughter, togetherness and with an explicit welcome for all of who we are and what we carry, was powerful. In that moment of acceptance was relief, joy and freedom.

This is more than just a concert – if you’d like it to be. You may come to tap your foot, hum, sing and
have an enjoyable night, but chances are it will be much more, than that.

Check their upcoming concert dates here and experience the beauty live!

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