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We love the Positive Vibes section of our magazine, where we get to take a look at some of the best holistic products, events and pick-me-ups out there. This edition of Vibes is featured in our Summer 2019 issue – to read the full magazine, click here to find your nearest stockist or subscribe to have a copy delivered direct to your door.

Summer Vibes

Live in the sunshine.

Swim in the sea.

Drink in the wild air.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson –

Goods That Shine

Bread of Life

If you’re a bread fan, you will love Scéal Bakery and Bread Nation: their delicious artisanal creations have enraptured us. Scéal Bakery is located in the Spade Enterprise Centre in Smithfield, Dublin 7, while Bread Nation is based on Pearse Street, Dublin 2.



Açai Wonder

Nutritious açai berries have developed a reputation as a ‘super food’. One company harnessing their power to great effect is Mo Bhia Duit Health Products, an amazing health food supplier based in the midlands of Ireland. Their smoothie bowls are a great summer treat!


Vibing the Veggies

Veggie Vibe Café is an amazing vegetarian café located in Blackrock Market, Co. Dublin. We can’t get enough of their incredible vegan burger, made of aubergine, beans, garlic, mushrooms and buckwheat. They offer many other tasty options too!



Pure Indulgence

Pure Cakes is a new baked goods and confectionery business, offering raw gluten-free vegan goodies that will cater to your sweet tooth in the healthiest way possible. Founder Alina Munteanu describes their motto as ‘savour sweets without regret.’



Super Love

We adore My Mum is a Superhero by well-known empowerment coach, disability advocate and blogger Wheelie Momma (Sarah Griffiths). Sarah wrote the book to convey a positive message of diversity and inclusion to children. The story lovingly describes two-year old Dexter’s adventures with his ‘superhero’ disabled mother.


Enthralling Events

Honouring the Masculine

A Gathering of Men is a three-day, two-night experiential retreat for men. It offers a chance to reconnect with the man within, through process work, movement, sharing, sweat lodge and more. It runs from Friday August 31st to Sunday September 1st at Townley Hall, Drogheda.


Embrace the Solstice

Kathy Scott of holistic hub The Trailblazery describes their Solstice gathering as ‘a holistic retreat in the wilderness and an uncivilised summer school designed to re-kindle our connection to our untamed nature.’ Participants will be guided through sacred practices with leading Irish wisdom keepers.


Conscious Entrepreneurship

Psychotherapist, consultant and conscious business leader Monica Haughey is organising what promises to be a fascinating conference on Friday September 20th. Her keynote speaker will be Hema Vyas, a world-renowned thought leader who specialises in spirituality, entrepreneurship and conscious living.



Motherly Grace

World-renowned mystic Mother Meera is visiting the Johnstown Estate, Enfield, Co. Meath, on Tuesday August 6th and Wednesday August 7th. During this visit, she will offer her Darshan: silent blessings of Light, Love and Divine Grace. Registration is free, but must be booked on her website.


Music of Spirit

The soul-stirring music of renowned Kirtan singer Krishna Das was inspired by the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji). We are thrilled to host Krishna Das this summer for a joyful evening of music and song, followed by a Kirtan workshop.



Transmission Incoming

This July, we are excited to invite Kundalini transmission expert Venant Wong back to Positive Nights. His work involves transmitting both the raw life force of Kundalini and a state of non-dual awareness. This blend of energies promotes deep healing and alignment in those who receive it.


Fall in Love

Another Love Story is a bespoke music festival taking place in Killyon Manor, Co. Meath, from August 16th to 18th. It’s inspired by a deep faith in Irish talent, and a belief that there is a kinder, more sustainable way to run festival events.


Happiness Calling

Pauline Rohdich is a life coach, hypnotherapist, and meditation teacher. She has a great passion for helping people to reach their full potential – we love her work. She holds regular seminars on how to say yes to happiness. Check out her website to learn more.


Season’s Delights…

Nurture and Heal

We have huge respect for Sarah Richardson of Namaste Wellness Centre. Sarah is a spiritual intuitive who practices a range of different energy healing modalities, helping people to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, pain and more. She also assists with fertility and pregnancy issues.


Hub Heights

The Yoga Hub is a well-loved institution for yoga fans in Dublin, offering a wide range of fun and invigorating classes. They now boast three different locations in Camden Place, Castleknock and Phibsboro. The food is wonderful too – give the dhal a try!


Soul Massage

Elena Rodriguez, a holistic massage therapist, offers treatments that will both relax your body and deeply soothe your soul: hence, the name of her business, Soul in Hands. She is based in the village of Laragh near Glendalough, Co. Wicklow. We highly recommend her magical massages!


Ethical Fusion

Ethical clothing brand Celtic Fusion Design by Regina Tierney is inspired by Celtic folklore and symbolism, merged with modern fashion and culture. For every design sold through their website, they sponsor the planting of a tree in the west of Ireland.


Nourish Your Being

Moons Yoga Loft is dedicated to creating a warm community culture, focused on celebrating and practising mindful movement and meditationThe Loft’s ethos is grounded in nourishment for the body, mind and breath: a welcoming space to journey back to our most natural state … being.


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