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We Recommend: The Amazing Mooncup®

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We love the Mooncup® – a reusable menstrual cup that provides women with a great way to reduce waste during their time of the month. Read on to find out why!

A menstrual cup is a small, foldable, reusable device made from silicone, rubber or plastic that collects, rather than absorbs, the menstrual blood when inserted into the vagina. Mooncup® is the brand name of a menstrual cup: the first medical grade silicone menstrual cup in the world.

The first known menstrual cup, made from rubber, was invented in 1937 by an American woman named Leona Chalmers.  Unfortunately for Chalmers, a wartime rationing of rubber during World War II impacted the production of her menstrual cup. Social stigma also prevented the idea of the menstrual cup from gaining traction.

Luckily, all of that has changed, and Mooncup® is one company that has been at the forefront of that change. Their social media campaign, #RealMooncupUsers, has served to highlight the stories of ordinary menstrual cup users, breaking down stigma in a major way. Mooncup® has also been featured in a wide variety of media outlets, including The Guardian.

The Mooncup® is a soft, silicone menstrual cup that offers an end to the waste, discomfort and expense of disposable sanitary protection.

It was designed by women as a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. It was the first ever menstrual cup to be made from medical grade silicone; a hypoallergenic alternative to rubber which had previously been linked to latex allergies.

To find out more about Mooncup® – including directions for use, and how to find your nearest stockists – visit their website below!


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