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Rooted in the Land: Celtic School of Yoga Teacher Training

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The Celtic School of Yoga is an inspirational school that focuses on tying together the spiritual traditions of Ireland and India. It was born out of founder Jack Harrison’s great love for yoga, as well as folklore and music. In February, he and Benita Wolfe will host the third Celtic School of Yoga Teacher Training in Kinvara, Co. Galway. We were excited to learn all about it, in this extract from our Winter 2019/20 issue!

Yoga Rooted in the Land

Celtic School of Yoga Teacher Training

by Benita Wolfe

In February 2020, Jack Harrison and Benita Wolfe (BJ Galvan), both certified Anusara teacher trainers, will host the third Celtic School of Yoga Teacher Training in Kinvara in Co Galway.

Rooted in Jack’s three passions—Yoga, Music and Mythology—and Benita’s expertise leading thousands of hours of alignment-based teacher trainings globally, this course brings together over fifty years of experience of practice, living and teaching a yoga wisdom anchored in the rhythms of the earth.

As a folklorist and archaeologist, Jack has unearthed an astounding number of parallels between Indian and Celtic traditions. He writes: “(in Ireland)…we have an enduring…essence of yoga in the Celtic world.”

New students are invited to join the adventure for the 2020 programme. Through a series of 6 modules, you will delve into yoga, breath, story, poetry, song, Indian and Celtic comparative philosophy, myth, alignment technique, anatomy, meditation and adventures out on the land to some of the great sacred sites of Ireland.

All the practices and ideas shared through the Celtic School of Yoga immersions and teacher training inspire healing in body, mind and heart through an experiential recognition that the source of all wellness, joy and love is within and we are intricately woven within the matrix of all existence.

If you want to deepen your yoga practice, become a yoga teacher, or refine your yoga teaching skills, Jack and Benita invite you to join them on this wheel of transformation and emerge an inspiring, skilled and confident yoga teacher.


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