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One of our favourite sections of the magazine is Positive Vibes, as it gives us an opportunity to speak to many established and emerging names in the holistic world, whose work we deeply admire. Today, we wanted to share Summer Vibes, from our recently-released Summer 2020 issue. Read on to learn about the companies, events and news we’re loving this season!

Summer Vibes

“Like a welcome summer rain, humour may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.”

– Langston Hughes –


Health Heroes

We take our hats off to our local health stores. They are incredibly essential in our book: providing supplements and foods to keep our immune systems in excellent shape. We look forward to seeing many health store representatives at the upcoming Vitality show – see our preview on page 36!


In the Club

Positive Nights are now taking place on Zoom. We have some amazing events coming up this summer, with each event streamed live into our new Positive Club members’ 

group on Facebook. Other Positive Club highlights include podcasts from our archive (our Eckhart Tolle interview was a recent offering), yoga classes and weekly workshops. To join, go to:


Energy Exploration

We love the work of Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe of the Crimson Circle, and highly recommend their Energy Works workshop set to take place in February 2021 in Kona, Hawaii. This gathering will explore the physics and psychology of how to put energy to work in your life.



Education Perfected

We’re very intrigued by the Educo Model, a scientifically proven educational system, designed by Dr. Tony Quinn. It covers all aspects of life, through a series of progressive steps that lead you back to your true self. It is experiental and promotes lasting change, which sounds good to us!



Spine Comfort

We love The Fitzwilliam: an amazingly comfortable, all-natural, back-friendly mattress offered by The Spinery. The Spinery’s team were pleased to combine ergonomic design and sustainable, non-toxic materials while developing the mattress. They also ensured that it met stringent fire retardant standards, without the need to add any chemicals.


Breathe Easy

How can we ensure the air we are breathing in our homes is of the highest quality? One step is to opt for planet-friendly cleaning products. Good ventilation is also very important. Beeswax candles, air purifiers and salt lamps help clean indoor air. MyEcoHub.com offers a vast range of eco-friendly products that can help raise the air quality in your home.

To Be Beautiful…

2B Organics is a groundbreaking cosmetics and skincare company founded by Simon Nelson, a qualified herbalist, naturopath, beauty therapist and electrologist. Simone has 35 years of experience in beauty therapy, and this expertise is evident in the amazing range of products her company offers. We love them!



Sunshine Boost

One capsule of Macánta’s Vitamin D3 provides you with 2500iu of cholecalciferol, a vegan form of vitamin D3 that the body naturally produces when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Top up your summer sun with this brilliant supplement.


Rife Possibilities

Lately, we’ve been researching the work of American scientist Royal Raymond Rife, who invented the Rife machine. This machine built on the work of Dr. Albert Abrams, who believed every disease has its own electromagnetic frequency. He suggested doctors could kill malignant cells by sending an electrical impulse identical to the cell’s unique electromagnetic frequency. Intriguing concept!

Rocking Remedies

We recently held a Zoom event on natural remedies with entrepreneur and herbalist Amandha Vollmer. She provided us with a wealth of information – be sure to check out the replay of our event on YouTube! We highly recommend checking out Amandha’s home-made remedies. She ships worldwide.


Learn to Thrive

In her new book, ‘Beyond Survival’, solicitor, yoga teacher and retreat leader, Helen Holt, describes how we can short-circuit our nervous system to accept a new path towards our true potential. This book is a practical and personal read, with energy-lifting meditations at the end of each chapter.


Float On

Over the past three years, Slí Beatha Float House in Naas, Co. Kildare, has offered amazing float tanks. Floatation can help people to meditate, problem solve, de-stress, manage anxiety, alleviate with sleep problems and jet lag, and recover from injuries, among other benefits. Slí Beatha has noe reopened – check out their site and social media for all the details!



Power-packed Snacks

The Hemp Company on Dublin’s Capel Street is our one-stop shop for all things hemp. We’re huge fans of their range of hemp-derived food products: hemp hearts, hemp nuts and hemp seed oil. They are proud to offer this range from EU-sourced organic hemp seeds, with delicious, consistent high quality.


Burger Boss

For a plant-based dining experience to remember, check out the Vegan Burger Company on Coppinger Row, Dublin 2. This up-and-coming diner is on a mission to have a positive impact on animal, environmental and human welfare … and their burgers are amazing. We love their ethos and hospitality.


Hemp Sensation

If you’re looking for a rich, tasty and nutritious planet-used milk, we highly recommend Good Hemp’s offerings. Hemp is one of the most planet-friendly crops around – and is also one of the most nutrient-dense. Its seeds are perfect powerhouses of goodness, and the Good Hemp team knows how to work wonders with them!


Goodness in Batches

Susan Jane White is an award-winning food writer and columnist. Her brilliant new book, ‘Clever Batch’, shows you how to eat well all week while respecting your time, money and patience. It will help you create batch-cooked meals that will sit in your fridge, hang out on your shelves or wait patiently in your freezer, until you need them.



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