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Sustainability and Soul: Two Leading Lights We Love

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In our recently-released Summer 2020 issue, we were excited to include a ‘Sustainability and Soul’ feature, which showcased the work of two leading lights in the holistic world: eco-conscious household goods company, If You Care, and the beautiful Dominican Retreat Centre (located in Tallaght, Dublin). We love both of them, so it was an honour to ask them about their work! Read on to hear what they had to say.


The Caring Approach

Sustaining self-sufficiency

Sustainability is the major buzzword on eco-conscious lips these days. How can we move forward in a way that meets the growing needs of humanity, while also being mindful of the need to sustain the Earth?

For many, growing their own food, or choosing local produce wherever possible, has been an important step on their journey towards self-sufficiency. As we become more familiar with the natural processes of food production, this moves us towards a deeper appreciation for our planet’s rhythms and cycles. Connecting with the earth beneath our feet is a powerful method of moving towards sustainability.

If You Care is one household company whose dedication to helping their customers embrace a sustainable lifestyle is at the heart of everything they do. If You Care’s mission statement is, quite simply: ‘We care simply because it’s the right thing to do. Now, more than ever.’

This company’s mission has always been to create environmentally friendly kitchen and household products, providing customers with high quality, highly effective alternatives to products that pollute the environment. They are proud to offer a full line of products that are not only supportive of the Earth, but are also great for cooking and household needs. They use vegetable based inks and dyes for printing all of their packaging, as a substitute for petroleum based inks.

We’ve always been huge fans of If You Care, and continue to be amazed by their dedication to helping people to live a more sustainable life: attuned to the cycles of our planet, and leaving it in a positive place for generations to come.


Soothe Your Soul

Ease into retreat

The Dominican Retreat Centre is located in Tallaght Village, just 12 kilometres away from Dublin city centre, and has been in use as a retreat centre for over 80 years. It offers a wide variety of events and workshops, exploring subjects as diverse as meditation, Tai-chi, pottery, Zen, and more.

While the centre is rooted in the Christian faith, it accepts the wisdom behind many different traditions. According to director Donagh O’Shea OP, ‘many people have some knowledge and experience of different spiritual paths, and it was the genius of St Dominic to make connections rather than disconnections.’

The Centre’s 18th-century Walled Garden offers a tranquil environment for mindful walking, sitting, prayer, and meditation. Its most notable feature is ‘Maelruan’s Tree’, one of Ireland’s oldest walnut trees. This beautiful tree is estimated to be over 250 years old, and continues to produce walnuts every year.

According to the Centre’s booking manager Eileen Pugh, ‘being in its vicinity is very healing. All the groups who come to visit say that spending time in the garden is one of their favourite parts of the retreat, and the walnut tree, especially, ranks highly on the list.’

The Centre has spaces to host large and small conferences, one-to-one sessions and special occasions like baptisms, weddings and anniversaries. They can cater for 30 people on a residential basis, with additional camp beds available for big groups. They also facilitate special dietary requirements, provided that these are communicated to them in advance.

Learn more at the Dominican Retreat Centre website, domrc.ie. To enquire about booking the space, contact Eileen at eileenpugh1@hotmail.com or 086 840 9035

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