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My Family Healthcare Toolbox: What’s True for Me

by Judith McAdam

During this time, many people’s thoughts have turned to how they can best empower themselves to take care of their own health, and support the health of their families. In our Autumn 2020 issue, Judith McAdam discussed her own ‘family healthcare toolbox’, and included a wealth of helpful suggestions to help readers create their own. Read on below!

My Family Healthcare Toolbox

What’s true for me

by Judith McAdam

Nurturing my family’s immune system over the years has meant learning to stand in my own power and develop a complementary approach to our wellbeing. I remember having to work hard as a young mother to trust my maternal instincts, against a backdrop of popular opinions and the do’s and don’ts of societal and generational conditioning.

As the matriarch, I was consciously aware of the power of a loving environment where everyone felt safe, secure and supported. When inner truths unfolded about my own self-care, I took to doing as much ‘work’ on myself as I could, including meditation, visualisation, my own Reiki practice, and other holistic treatments.

Don’t get me wrong – there were times where it all went to a ‘ball of chalk’. However, over the years, with a little bit of ‘learned behaviour’ thrown in, a lot of these practices have rippled out to my children, and now, my clients. As adults, my children make up their own mind on how best to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

Deciphering between intuition and fear took a bit of time and patience. Step by step, my personal rule of thumb with regard to my family’s health unfolded into a simple equation:

Love + Maternal Instinct & Intuition + Good Nutrition & Exercise + Complementary Medicine = Family Health and Wellbeing

By complementary medicine, I am referring to treatments and products that are used alongside standard medical treatments. I am also speaking from my own life experience as a divorced parent, and am in no way ignoring the equal importance of the paternal instinct. 

Winter is fast approaching and, in truth, we have a duty to ourselves and our wonderful doctors and nurses to take responsibility for keeping ourselves and our families as fit and healthy as we can.

So, I have decided to share with you some tried and tested tools in my own ‘Family Healthcare Tool Box’. You will, of course, develop your own tools by listening to your intuition, in conjunction with complementary methods, which very much includes medical advice from your family doctor.

The importance of a healthy diet really can’t be underestimated. I always strived to have a good breakfast, a healthy lunch in their lunch box and a hearty dinner on the table when my children were growing up.

Personally, I am a big believer in using a good multivitamin. The one I have used, and still use for myself and my family, is called Vibracell.  Recently, I have started to take Whole Health Immune Complex. Both are available from the New Vistas range of Healthcare products for adults and children. Always follow the recommended dosage and guidelines.* 

Fresh air, exercise and a good night’s sleep were, and still are, healthy habits developed over the years in our house.

– No matter how I tried when they were young, the odd cold, cough, sick stomach or earache would invariably slip through the net. Using my intuition and a thermometer, if I thought the illness was manageable, I would use a variety of excellent homeopathic or herbal remedies from the New Vistas or the A. Vogel children’s and adult’s line**.

All that being said, we are just a normal family, with ups and downs like everyone else. Don’t be fearful, trust your intuition, put yourself and your family’s health and wellbeing at the top of your list, and use all the fabulous tools that are available to you to build your own ‘Family Healthcare Toolbox’.

With Love,


* newvistashealthcare.com

** avogel.ie


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