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Luxury for the Hair: We Review Dr. Hauschka’s Range

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In our Autumn 2020 issue, we got the chance to take a closer look at Dr. Hauschka’s new hair range: 100% natural, organic and sulphate-free. Read on to learn more!

Luxury for the Hair

We review Dr. Hauschka’s range

by Aisling Cronin

Nothing lifts our mood quite like a good hair day, when our locks are strong, shiny and eye-catchingly beautiful. For this reason, we were intrigued to hear about Dr. Hauschka’s latest 100% natural, organic and sulphate-free range, and wanted to learn more!

Dr. Hauschka’s Nourishing Hair Shampoo and Conditioner have just been launched. They can best be described as a true feast for the senses. Its sulphate-free formulas are gentle and kind to the skin, providing a plethora of natural ingredients to replenish and protect your hair.

The luxurious shampoo contains neem, rosemary and quince, which gently cleans the hair and leaves it feeling easy to comb, with no breakage. The scalp is revitalised with precious plant extracts, while essential oils of lemon, chamomile and peppermint provide freshness and lightness.

We also love Dr. Hauschka’s silicone-free conditioner. Its formula contains neem, coco and cider vinegar. These ingredients deeply nourish the hair, without weighing it down.

This product has also been given the unusual, yet genius, additional benefit of blended chickpeas. This ingredients provide the hair with essential protein, helping to improve the tresses’ overall sleekness. Frizz is calmed by the product’s unique natural properties, while the senses are calmed with the soft smell of essential oils of vanilla and white blossoms which linger on the hair.

If you’re searching for a shampoo and conditioner which will bring many good hair days your way, we highly recommend these lovely Dr. Hauschka formulas. Give them a go!


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