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Let There Be Light: Exploring PBM

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This article from our Winter 2020/21 article, by Jeffrey McTavish, explores the benefits of an innovative therapy called photo-bio-modulation. This involves harnessing the positive health effects of light, in order to alleviate a range of conditions. Learn more below!

Let there be light

The healing properties of light

by Jeffrey McTavish

Light plays a central role in the development of human health. It has the ability to regulate diurnal circadian rhythm, enable ocular vision and create a multitude of physiological roles in our body. Photo-bio-modulation (PBM) is a human experience to alter and harness the effectiveness of light, to address a myriad of human and animal health conditions. Indeed, PBM is beneficial for all who live in light.

PBM is an acronym that defines a specific therapy to address a variety of physiological challenges that we experience. The concept of using specific light frequencies to assist the body to return to homeostasis (i.e. balance), has been explored and researched for some time. PBM is a light energy treatment protocol that is a global, as well as tissue specific in its design and deliverance.

When considering PBM treatment it is best to consult a qualified practitioner. In general, PBM is an excellent treatment for a variety of conditions such as sport injuries, sport recovery and enhancement, arthritis, general global inflammatory ailments such as chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, CFS, neuropathic pain syndromes, oral mucositis, anti-ageing, post -surgery recovery to name just a few conditions.

Advancements in PBM delivery and technology, with its effect on brain function and neuro effects, is an exciting and emerging research field that is bringing light to the ailments that remain in the dark, so to speak, affecting our brain function.

PBM is an important and emerging science of promise which generates little or no side effects. It could change your life. Find out more at the link below.


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