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Awakening From The Dream

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Our autumn issue is out now. We are sharing an excerpt of Waking Up From The Dream by Gareth Duignam. To say we loved this book would be an understatement! Seek it out…it may just change your life…

Awakening From The Dream


by Gareth Duignam

There was a rush of reality that came in and in that moment there was a realization that I was this greater consciousness, this Being, this Universe…

I was in the gym one morning. I used to go every day around 7am. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining through the windows and there was loud music playing. The place wasn’t very busy and for a split second I stood there and started to ponder. I could hear all the weights clanking and I could hear the loud music and the sound of the people working out and something just made me stop.

In that moment something clicked with me that everything I could see and hear, all the noises, the sun shining through the windows, the music, etc., I wasn’t experiencing it outside of me, I was experiencing it inside of me. So everything I was seeing that was going on outside of me was inside of me. It was inside my head or my brain and the noises were inside of me and all of a sudden, once I said that to myself, I heard this noise. It sounded kind of like fabric ripping or velcro, and then this whoosh of reality came in…

What happened in the gym was similar to a lucid dream. That’s the only way I can describe it. It felt like a lucid dream here in this reality. So this “Supreme Being” (or the consciousness system or the Universe or whatever you want to call it), God, in that moment of me looking and realizing that everything was going on inside of me, in that moment, it triggered something in that Being to wake up and realize that it was dreaming.

There was a rush of reality that came in and in that moment there was a realization that I was this greater consciousness, this Being, this Universe and it knew that it had been dreaming itself into this character Gareth and all of it was fictional, all of it was this ongoing dream… this guy with all his problems and his worries and his anxieties and fears about work and money, etc.

There was a realization that none of it was important any longer. So it just looked around for a while taking it all in and started to take it all in that this was a dream…It started to notice that everything it put his attention on was also it; the walls, the weights, they were the Supreme Being as well. So this God Force had woken up in this person and realized that it was the Self. Then it took notice that everything else was also it. In that moment it recognized that everything outside of itself was also it.

I could see a guy in the corner, a young guy, and he was lifting up his top and looking at his abs in the mirror in between his sets and all of a sudden there was an understanding that the Beingness had woken up in me in this moment and that this other person was also me. But that character was still dreaming so he was still stuck in the dream. The dream of being a young guy looking at his abs in the gym. I felt this absolute sense of compassion for everything. Every person that I looked at was me.

I just knew at that moment that everyone was just this one Being-ness. The consciousness that I had woken up in me was also the consciousness in that guy and all the other people, the people clanking weights around the gym, but they were still asleep, they were still dream characters, they were still caught up in the dream…

Find out more about Gareth and his work here: truespiritualawakening.eu

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