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The Wolf And The Calling

by Amanda Sophia

Our autumn issue is out now. Regular contributor Amanda Sophia shares what awareness means to her. Dive on in to find out more…

The Wolf And The Calling

Reclaiming Your Power
by Amanda Sophia

Schedule time to connect with your inner joy, Goddess.

A wild woman is a representation of the wolf, the howl within. Women were designed to be wild; our wombs are the birthplace of nations, queens, kings, rulers and countries. We are powerful by nature. But often, our power gets taken from us. When you entered this world, you cried with a list of reasonable expectations. You expressed your hunger, exhaustion and need for connection. Over time you were told, “no”, “sit down” or “girls don’t act like that” and eventually you became numb to your own needs, your own truth. This can easily starve the wolf inside if you do not feed it with positivity and compassion.

Forgive yourself, lick your wounds and replenish your body. Look at the wolf within, she is not interested in playing the role of the victim, Beloved. She sets healthy boundaries and protects herself. The inner wild woman wants to re-emerge, you have a calling that has spoken to you. Do not suppress her; if you do, you numb your magic and sabotage your truth. You may feel overpowered, overwhelmed, and undermined, therefore we need to rise up and take our place – as wildlings of the Goddesses and Daughters of the earth.

Here are a few ways you can put this to practice:

Practicing self-compassion daily
Intentionally being aware of the energy you give/receive
Facing your fears with your truth
Releasing the chains of the systems that have held you back
Practicing rituals daily to create magic in your environment
Reclaim your wild by reprogramming your mind with positive, enlightening and thought-provoking concepts
Listen to nature, not others.
Mother Nature is always willing to provide guidance
Honour these moments, honour your creativity. It is connected to your womb, your soul and your heart. Schedule time to connect with your inner joy, Goddess.

The Pack and the Howl
Another thing a wild woman and a wolf have in common is their pack. A circle of sisters that support her, carry her and cultivate safe spaces. Having a pack does not rely on numbers but on a true connection. This is where your intuition is important; practice truly listening to yourself and listening to your guides. Wolves howl to communicate with their pack, sometimes to protect their territory by warning off other rival packs in the distance, and they howl to their own pack members out of affection. The howl represents your truth and your inner magic. What are you doing to actively cultivate joy? When was the last time you howled?

Speak up, Beloved! You have this beautiful howl inside of you that is waiting to awaken from the depths of your belly, reaching up through your spine until it finally escapes your lips. I invite you to rise up, despite the wounds you may still be licking. In fact, I invite you to rise up because your wounds have never looked more beautiful in the light. You have scars of stardust and stories of magic that need to be shown, told and carried through generations.

Give yourself permission to be every shade of vibrant, every note of the harmonious sound and beauty in the world. Listen to your womb, listen to your heart. Listen to the land and your guides that speak to you. Work with the land and bathe in her beauty.

You are untamed, unbroken, fierce and WILD. It is time to release any traumas and open yourself up to being vibrant with ancestral powers washing over you. Your howl is beautiful because it stems from healing, depth and remembrance.

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