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Martin Gray, a brilliant photographer of breathtaking sacred sites speaks about the importance of these sites & how they heal us on a larger scale. He also touches on the fascinating topic of Extraterrestrial influence when it comes to creating these sites. 

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Sacred Sites


by Lizzie Eagan


Over a 42 year period, Martin Gray, a photographer of sacred architecture and pilgrimage places, has traveled to over
160 countries. He has had a number of visionary experiences at some of the most breathtaking sacred sites on the planet.
When he was only around six years old, he journeyed to his first sacred site. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of a lifelong soul energising voyage. The power of sacred sites and how they recharge us: “I think it’s pretty true that I have probably been to more of these sacred sites than any human being in the history of the world…they charge me”, Martin states.

When someone visits one of these sites, the power of the land radiates through their body, mind and spirit. This potent frequency functions as a needle in the global field. Take this acupuncture analogy as an example of what occurs – picture
humans as the needle and a sacred site as the pressure point. When the needle enters the point, the healing energy spreads into a wider circumference. The more needles that are placed into these points, the more energy that is able to circulate in a
healthy way throughout the body. This is exactly what happens when we spend even just a few minutes at a sacred site.
For the function of the Earth, it is crucial that more and more people frequent these spaces to amplify the prosperous energy and spread it over a larger scale – in turn raising the overall frequency of the planet.


How to find the sacred site to visit that calls to your soul:

There are a great number of sacred sites to visit. Finding which one to plan a trip to can be an overwhelming experience.
Luckily Martin has some helpful advice to ease your mind. His book, Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power can act
as a guide for you. He says to shut your eyes, have a question in mind, something along the lines of “Where would be most
beneficial to go for assisting me on my path?” He explains how you should then“flip the pages and let your fingers stop –
like consulting an Oracle. The place itself will pull on you if your intention is high.” Trust that whichever one you see first was meant to catch your eye.


Is there ET Galactic influence at sacred sites?

Many who visit these enigmatic structures have the same question that crosses their minds. How could humans have done
this on their own? “There’s definitely assistance, whether it’s design assistance or construction assistance,” Martin adds.
In Southeastern Turkey, the Gobekli Temple which was created around 9600 BC, holds many mysteries within its walls. Where did the rocks come from? Who erected them? To this day we do not have the answers.

We can say the same for the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is located in Northern Egypt. The greatest phenomenon of this structure is that it was executed with such advanced mathematical precision, so much so that the dynastic Egyptians who existed after 3000 BC tried to replicate it many times over. Unfortunately, all the pyramid copies did not have the same level of construction and consequently why they have since crumbled. This leads to the question, how was the Great Pyramid built so brilliantly all those years ago? It seems that there is no way humans could have done this on their own, leading one to believe there must have been guidance from unseen forces. We may never fully know, which is why this remains one of the many astonishing mysteries of Earth.



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