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The Mirror of Life

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Our summer issue is out now!

Check out this insightful article written by Grace-anne Kelly, who speaks about how each person we encounter on our journey is a mirror and a potential learning experience for our soul’s growth.

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The Mirror of Life

                                                                                      Choose Your Inner Frequency
                                                                                             by Grace-Anne Kelly


I am here for your understanding of who you are. I am your mirror. How you feel about me the thoughts that arise from your encounter of me, the judgement you hold about me, are all reflections of you.

– Emily Maroution


Life is like a game and we come to earth to heal our fractured mind and return to the love within us, and an understanding
that we are, in fact, all one. Think of your desired life, your optimum timeline as a rose. In order to attain the rose you must
endure the thorns. Earth school is the same, we didn’t come here for it all to be perfect, we came to overcome many
obstacles in order to attain our highest optimal level of love.

Each relationship in our life is an expression of our inner world and is assisting us in mirroring back what’s going on in our psyche to be healed. What you see in someone is a reflection of what you like or dislike about yourself.

Each person is a fractal of light being projected from you, like a prism. If you can view each person as an extension of your energetic field, and not separate from you, you will free yourself from anger and resentment of what anyone may have done to you.

See each person as a teacher to assist you on an ascension journey to the best version of you, assisting you in returning back to the oneness of life and love. The hard part of this is accepting that, yes, the dark facets of life are also an aspect of you. Stop and ask yourself, what are these people teaching me? What have they triggered in me that needs to be healed? The people who spark you the most are in fact your greatest teachers, if you can heal the trauma they have provoked within you, be it fear, resentment, anger, then you free yourself from these mind loops.

If you reflect back through your life and see reoccurring issues you may have, these relational dynamics continue to repeat because you are not learning the lesson; you remain in this mind loop until you change the way you respond, learning to forgive and let go. As you do this, you allow your subconscious mind to heal and reprogram new pathways of existence. Your mind will spin away from old timelines and your conscious awareness will expand. A new way opens up to you, thus you will be elevated to a higher frequency, closer to your authentic timeline. Just like a radio station, you will be able to tune into higher frequencies and you will start to resonate with people who reflect this new state of mind. So, when you lose friends in your life or you choose to create boundaries in relationships, it is simply that they are no longer in resonance with your new inner frequency.

Think of everyone in this game of life as an earth angel, here to teach you a precious gift in order for you to attain an enlightened state of mind. You will then find a love for all people, an acceptance of the one consciousness, and that God made no mistakes in his creations. This is the way to true freedom and love.


Instagram: @graceannekelly

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