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Ireland’s Most Trusted Kefir

by Persephone Kianka

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Mary-Thea Brosnan, created Kerry Kefir, a traditional homemade kefir due to suffering with digestive issues for years. Thankfully, her symptoms of IBS improved just within weeks of taking her own kefir. 

Keep on reading to learn more about her gut health journey below…


Ireland’s Most Trusted Kefir

                                                                            MAINTAIN GUT HEALTH NATURALLY.
                                                                                          by Persephone Kianka


Like many entrepreneurs who come up with a truly special product, Mary-Thea Brosnan created Kerry Kefir, a traditional
homemade kefir, as a result of the pressing issue she was facing in her own life.

Mary-Thea shared that when she was in her 20s, she was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), having suffered from digestive issues for years. After making her own kefir for the first time at home in 2017, her symptoms significantly improved within a week.

“I couldn’t believe that this magic fermented milk wasn’t better known,” she told me. After researching more, she realised how many people have digestive problems with no adequate solution. In fact, nearly 40% of adults suffer from some digestive issue, which she largely attributes to our stressful, fast-paced society.

At Kerry Kefir, Mary-Thea helps people heal these issues by producing the most natural form of kefir. “We literally just put the living organisms, the kefir grains, into the milk, and they do all the work,” she explained. The 24-30 hours they allow for fermentation results in a much more diverse set of bacteria than you would find in mass-produced kefir products.

Mary-Thea stressed the importance of eating various fermented foods, even if you don’t have digestive issues, as this is the most natural way to get probiotics into your diet, which are essential for maintaining gut health.

She encourages everyone to try making traditional kefir at home because “then you are going to get the real true essence of what kefir is.” However, if you still want to get the full range of benefits of kefir without making it, Kerry Kefir, which ships throughout Ireland and the UK, is the way to go.


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