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The One in the Mirror

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Our summer issue is out now!

Enrique Borreda Lopez shares how the connection and synergy between tissues is a crucial component in the study of life. 

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The One in the Mirror

                                                                                     CREATING SPINAL SYNERGY.
                                                                                         by Enrique Borreda Lopez


I would like to start by clarifying the terminology first. Cambridge Dictionary definitions of “relationship”:

– the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of connection.

– the way things are connected or work together.

Living is the constant expression of some 85 to 110 billion cells working together, cooperating with each other due to their innate interrelationship. If you want to study life, you have to do it taking into account the “connection and synergy” factor between tissues. You can’t learn much about life by studying a corpse, really. The whole person is made up of its components and the synergy between them.

To do this, nature has endowed our body with an innate master controller: the central nervous system – brain and spinal cord – which, together with the endocrine system, configure the communication network between all parts of the body.

Spinology is concerned with interferences due to vertebral misalignments, what we call “spinal occlusions”. If the body
works in a coordinated and harmonious way, our potential to relate to others can also be better manifested. In other words, if we stay well, we can better express our abilities as human beings, among which is the gift of relating to others.

I am sure that if you are reading this magazine, you would like a better world. Individually speaking, we can’t do much, but
together… Spinologists are convinced that relationships between people can greatly help change. Start with the man/woman in your mirror.

Enrique Borreda Lopez
Director of European Spinology Tutorium

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