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Health is Wealth

by Persephone Kianka

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We speak with Abbas about his revamped homeopathic clinic & he shares the fantastic philosophy guiding his healing work.

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                                                     Health is Wealth

                                                                                THE MINDSET BEHIND FOOD FOR LIFE.

                                                                                               by Persephone Kianka


Food For Life Wellness Centre has served as a place of healing and education in Callan, Co. Kilkenny since 2016, when its first health food store opened. Abbas Ghadimi and Carmel Rose, the husband and wife team who own and run this centre, are delighted with the newest addition to their health store.

When I spoke with Abbas about his revamped homeopathic clinic, which opened just four months ago, he shared the fantastic philosophy guiding his healing work.

As a child, Abbas told me, he knew someone famous for being a one-prescription doctor, inspiring him to achieve the same in his work. Today, in Kilkenny, the word on the street is “When you go to Abbas, you only go once,” suggesting that he has earned this title.

Although he has been practising for 30 years, for Abbas, every day feels like the first day of his practice because every new client will differ from his previous 2000+ cases. He acknowledges that though similar symptoms may be present, it is a different person experiencing them.

This recognition of uniqueness allows Abbas to provide the perfect remedy to suit each individual. Even after consulting with someone for a while, he will only sell them what they truly need, even if that’s just a bag of cloves. Abbas shared a quote he loves by Chuck Feeney: “You’ll never run out of people you can help”, an attitude he incorporates into his work.

He believes that when you focus on health, wealth will follow, and that’s why he and Carmel are devoted to creating an
abundance of information and wellness in their community through organic products, alternative treatments, workshops and more.


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