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The True Potential of Water

by Persephone Kianka

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We speak to Mario Brainovi, CEO of Aalemma Water, about his incredible work with water.

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by Persephone Kianka


Most of us are familiar with the statistic that we are 70% water, but you might not know that this refers only to mass. On a
molecular level, we are 99% water, which Mario Brainovi, CEO of Aalemma Water, stressed when we spoke with him about
his incredible work with water.

“In our research, we discovered that water is a broadband absorber, receiver and transmitter of energy, frequency and vibration. It will always pick up the dominant frequency of its environment,” Mario shared.

For this reason, he became determined “to bring about the most positive, dominant frequency of water that exists”, which his company achieved after 15 years of research.

Mario revealed that it takes one whole year to create the “mother water”, which comes in a crystal vile due to crystal being a superconductor. Here’s how it works:

“When you swirl the Aalemma through the water, any HO, this chaotic HO molecule, which comes into close proximity to the mother water, starts to mimic its exact structure.”

Mario’s passion was palpable as he explained that by bringing water into this coherent, structured state, we are “unleashing the true power of water.” This power is evident in the countless studies the company have conducted on humans, plants and animals. For example,one study showed that seeds watered with Aalemma Water began generating biophoton emissions because they were following the tides.

The potential for this water to electromagnetically connect us to nature’s circadian rhythm is profound, not only on a biological level but from a spiritual standpoint.

Indeed, Mario’s vision is all-encompassing, which is why you can purchase a single Aalemma Water Wand at an affordable price and have coherent water for life.

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