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Positive Personality – Margaret Brazil

by Patrick

Sustainable Spiritual Health Care - Margaret BrazilInterviewed by Patrick Bridgeman

Margaret Brazil had her first psychic experience, “seeing a room full of spirits” late in life. Now 62 years old, spirits utilise her in every way to convince the people who come from all over the world to see her that they are present, and that they are very real.

The best readings are usually to those who are sceptical.  The spirits go all out to prove their existence – to show off!  There will be fireworks!  It’s good to be sceptical, not to be gullible.  Plenty have come through my door sceptical, but nobody has ever left unconvinced.  Nobody can explain or contradict the evidence that’s given through me in a private reading.
I had my first psychic experience over 20 years ago.  I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.  I’m a “medium” in the real sense of the word in that I act as a go-between for clear and lengthy two-way conversations between the person and the spirit or spirits.
There is no secret.  None of us are Chosen or are Special.  Some of us just develop this gift, maybe through pain or heartache, while others might live their lives busy with other things and untouched by quiet thought or meditation.
At the beginning, I was more amazed than the people who came to me by what was coming from my mouth.  I wasn’t sitting down trying to “home in”.  In fact, I had to teach the spirits manners after a while.  It’s like having children in the house and needing to teach them their place.  I had to learn to control them.  They can’t just butt in, all of the time, into my life.  I have to live normally too.  Although, if there is something extreme, they will try to get word to the family by appearing and speaking regardless.

One night I was sitting alone at home when I saw a movement beside me.  On the white wall opposite me, an oval frame “appeared” and in it a picture of my father – who died in 1969.  As true as God.  As though I was watching a short film, I could see him walking from the bus stop on the Quays, down O’Connell Street, wearing his hat and coat and with a newspaper folded under his arm.  I watched this for a good five minutes.  At least.  I kept looking away, looking back.  I wasn’t seeing things.  Now, if someone has an explanation for that, I’d love to hear it.  Because I don’t.

I’ve a private phone number and I don’t tend to give it out.  But two decades ago, it started ringing a lot.  Every day.  People looking for readings.  I’ve never asked anyone how they heard of me.  Over time, I came to trust that they were meant to find me.  That I can do something for them.  That I was meant to see these people who found me.  That I must have something to give them.  There are no coincidences.

I’m inclined to see each person only the once, unless they really want to come back again.  I wish for them to be at peace, to find comfort and then to live their lives, not to become caught up in the dead.

Also, I’m not a fortune teller.  People shouldn’t come to me if they’re looking for that.  Nor am I a healer.  I can’t even look after myself most of the time.  Rather I’m a channel through which people who have passed on can communicate with and heal their loved ones.  I can’t heal anybody, but I can facilitate wonderful healing that comes from this higher level.

Whatever God it is you believe in, He does not keep secrets from people who take the time to talk to Him.

Spirits are always just a thought away.

At the end of our interview, as I was about to say goodbye, Margaret asked me, “Who is the other Patrick?”  My Granda Paddy popped into my head and she went on to provided me with evidence that it was him who was communicating with me through her.  He told me that he was very proud of me because I was doing something that I loved, and that, while he didn’t want to take credit for where I now was, he’d always been there beside me, giving me guidance and looking after me.  Thanks Paddy!

To order a copy of Margaret’s book, “When Spirits Hold My Hand” visit www.poolbeg.com

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