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Astrology – Spring 2010, By Margaret Gray

by Patrick


By Margaret Gray
Copyright 2010

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

“A Wave in Physics = a periodic motion or disturbance consisting of a series of many oscillations that propagate through a medium or space, as in the propagation of sound or light.”
Webster’s Dictionary

2010 – The Waves are Here

We often use the word “waves” to describe movement, particularly that of sound, light, heat, emotion and water. For those of us who love the ocean, waves are an unending source of pleasure. Staring in trance-like fashion at breakers rolling in, our body resonates at a deep primal level with the motion of the water, knowing instinctively that even the calmest, gentlest wave could become a tsunami of immense life-taking force in a matter of minutes.

Similarly, we live with the daily transits/movements of the planets in the sky, aware on some level that their energies affect us individually and collectively, yet relatively undisturbed by their ebb and flow until they either impinge on our birth chart or come into contact with each other, creating powerful waves which impact the collective as a whole.

The summer of 2010 is a peak time for these compelling waves which have been building since 2008 and will continue to 2012 and beyond. The question is not how to stop the waves, or how to avoid them, paralyzed in fear of their strength, but rather how best to surf them as individuals and as a collective in a conscious, aware manner as we face major crosscurrents on our evolutionary journey towards 2012 and beyond.

In the past four editions, I have described the nature of the main planetary configurations which are active in the sky between 2008 and 2012. Now I am going to summarize the main themes of the transits in 2010 with a focus on Ireland, keeping in mind that the movements of the planets, like the ocean waves, often overlap each other, making it almost impossible to separate the effect of one from the other.

1.    The weighing of collective structures on the Scales of Justice – revisiting 1982

February 1982 was the starting point for a planetary cycle, which at its broadest is concerned with rebalancing fairness, justice, ideals and ethics in our individual and collective lives. The planets Saturn (the god Cronos) and Pluto (the god Hades) joined forces at this time in the sign of Libra, initiating a dance that is now embarking on its final quarter in preparation for its demise and rebirth in 10 years time. Looking back to events, circumstances, relationships and choices made at the seeding time of the transit in 1982, both personally and in the collective at large, can help you become more aware of what the core issues were and continue to be throughout the lifetime of this transit. For anyone with the sun between 22 degrees and 29 degrees in Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer, 1982 was a particularly important time in your life related to your identity and vocation.

Collectively, some of the main events connected with the theme of fairness, justice and ethics at the start of this transit in 1982 included:
–    The European Court of Human Rights ruled that teachers who caned, belted or hit children against the wishes of their parents were in breach of the Human Rights Convention. This brought to an end the use of corporal punishment in schools in Ireland, although it did not protect children from chastisement within the family.
–    The Falkland Invasion – Ireland declared its neutrality in the matter.
–    Women organised peace protests at Greenham Common with a lot of support from Irish women.
–    In Ireland, 20,000 people across the country marched in protest at Income Tax and PRSI changes.
–    Garret Fitzgerald announced his resignation and Charles Haughey became Taoiseach in Ireland, strengthening the power of Fianna Fail.
–    A brief but severe recession began in the US.

There were also some interesting natural occurrences:
–    Temperatures plummeted to a record low in the UK and the USA and there were heavy rains followed by mudslides and El Nino in ‘83.

The basic themes of justice and fairness are being revisited by all of us between Nov 2009 and Aug 2010, with an emphasis on the structures we have built, from our human bodily structure to our collective societal structures. In the words of Liz Greene, “These planets allow the possibility of the most profound perception of the truth of who we are.”

2.    Innovative Awakening and Action

In May 2010, the planet Uranus (the god Prometheus) moves from the sign of Pisces to Aries for the first time since 1935, connecting in the process with Saturn and Pluto. This powerful force in the heavens is further expanded by Jupiter (Zeus) in June 2010 when he moves alongside Uranus. This initial visit by Uranus in the first sign of the zodiac is likely to make a dynamic impact. One of my favourite sayings for the planet Uranus is, “Expect the unexpected!”  In Aries, the focus is on action and initiative. However, combined with the innovative Promethean energy of the mind and ideas as well as idealism, Uranus in this fire sign in aspect to Saturn and Pluto could greatly assist us to find innovative, far-reaching, ethical ways of using our minds to enhance humanity. This would seem a much better option than using the Martian energy to fight against each other in a fruitless, fearful effort to win a battle which could ultimately destroy us all.

In the chart of Ireland for 1949 (the Creation of the Republic), we have our Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury and North node in Aries. Uranus moving into Aries could potentially re-ignite our natural skills as courageous pioneers, leaders and innovators as well as artists and writers.

3.    Understanding and Healing our Spiritual Wounds

In May 2010, Chiron, the wounded healer/centaur, will briefly dip his toes into Pisces, offering the possibility of a greater understanding of the woundedness that has arisen from our separation from source. Pisces offers the possibility of healing through the imagination, compassion and a spirituality that is all encompassing rather than divisive. Chiron then returns back to Aquarius to travel with Neptune (Dionysus), whom he has accompanied faithfully for over a year. In the Irish chart of 1949, Chiron is in Sagittarius, indicating, at a basic level, a wounding to our nation from religious/philosophical beliefs that did not feel true for us. In quoting Marian Woodman, who describes substance abuse as a “search for the spirit”, we are drawn to ask if our high rate of substance abuse in Ireland is indeed related to the loss of our connection with an authentic spiritual source.

If this is the case, the transit offers Ireland the healing potential to reconnect with our deep, spiritual, creative muse, removing forever the label of victim, together with the blame and shame that has haunted us for centuries, thus reclaiming our authentic label as healers. (Hallelujah! – Ed.)

4.    The Time is Now

The two peak times for planetary activity this year will be July 30th 2010 and August 6th 2010, when the major slower planets in the sky are joined by the smaller faster ones to form stressful configurations in the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Imagine the smaller currents in the ocean joining up with larger ones. Mercury (communication) will oppose Neptune and Chiron, offering the opportunity for greater understanding. Mars (action) will join Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, whilst Venus (self-value and relating) joins Mars, bringing attention to our relationships. The Moon in Cancer also joins in on Aug 6th, adding an emotional dimension to already churning waters.


This is, in all probability, the most powerful year (planetary-wise) that most of us are likely to experience in our lifetime. The actual manifestation of these energies is not possible to determine, as the choices we each make play a large part in the outcome. The challenge is, in part, holding the conflict between our relative insignificance and our unique and individual, vital contribution as co-creators on our planet and beyond.

Pluto in Capricorn urges us to take responsibility for our authenticity in all that we are and do. Uranus in Aries encourages us to stretch our mind beyond what we construe as limitations. Chiron in Pisces reminds us of our connection to something greater which we can access through our imagination and spirituality. Saturn in Libra urges us to pay heed to fair ethics. This is an ideal time in Ireland to let go of our guilt, fear and rage towards ourselves and others. The changes we are encountering with the planetary movements need the steadfast tenacity, courage, entrepreneurship, leadership and creativity that have made us one of the most loved nationalities in all corners of the globe. Most of all, they require us to keep our heart and mind open as we surf the planetary waves to the best of our ability.

Due to the nature of the Transits of 2010, like many other astrologers I have set up a blog to maintain an open dialogue during the year.

For more details, visit www.astrologypsychological.com or email Margaret@astrologypsychological.com

Margaret Gray is a professional Psychological Astrologer with a consulting practice in Ireland, Hawaii and California. She teaches internationally, both independently and on behalf of the CPA worldwide. Margaret is the book reviewer for the ISAR journal and a member of the APAI, ISAR and the Ast. Ass. UK.
Whilst in Ireland, Margaret is based at Oscailt integrative Health Centre www.oscailt.com

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