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The Transformation Game

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By Mike Tanner
Play the Game of Transformation

It is easy to see our physical body transform. With fresh food and exercise, we look well. Overeating with no exercise, we gain kilos.

How about our emotional body or our mental body; is it as easy to transform them? Yes.

Self-Regulation or Lifestream is our life process. Too hot, we sweat. Too cold, we shiver. The body automatically maintains our optimum temperature. We come with a purpose and are diverted by traumas that are too painful for us to experience. This prevents us from being able to fully interact and grow.

Accepting personal responsibility for ourselves is the first step. Then, in a safe environment, we can learn to release the interference with our natural processes and allow the unexperienced traumas to resolve, enabling healing to take place.

The game of Transformation, developed in Findhorn, enables participants to gain deep insights into the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspects of their questions, revealing problems and offering solutions.

Players agree to be respectful, to confidentiality, and to stay for the agreed duration of the game. Questions from each player are discussed and refined. Once questions are agreed, they are written down, and an envelope (your unconscious) is filled with awareness, setbacks and angels.

You then incarnate into a physical body and begin your journey. The interaction between participants is an essential part of the game, and the insights of the others can be challenging. The more open and intuitive the players allow themselves to be, the greater the result.

Acceptance of your own insights by the others is a wonderful experience.

Once you are able to see and accept the problem, even those you have carried for lifetimes, it is possible to decide on a solution which can be instantaneous.



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