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Positive Personality – Dain Heer

by Patrick

Accessing the Consciousness of Me and We


Dain Heer introduces us to a personal awareness and lack of judgement that facilitates not just positive thinking, but positive being.

My journey into personal growth began when I was 12 years old and my step-mother took me to church. We were asked to ask Jesus into our heart. I went out into the woods and had no idea if it would work, but it sounded kind of cool, so I did. I said: “Jesus, I don’t know if you are real and I don’t know if you exist, but, if you do, I am asking for the thing that people are talking about where you come into my heart and forgive my sins.” Even then, I spent a lot of time thinking I was wrong, and I figured if I could get out of that, it would be a pretty cool deal. So, I did; and I had this peace that came over me that pervaded every area of my life and reality. Everything that came into my head, I would say: “Give it up to Jesus.” It stayed with me for two years and then I lost it.

Then, in Chiropractic school, I met a lot of people who were into spirituality and metaphysics, so I started exploring that realm of things. When I graduated, I had all these things in my head about what people told me was right and wrong, and 12 years ago, I got to a place where I was going to kill myself. Even though I was a practitioner of several different techniques where I could help people change their lives, I knew something had to be changed for me. I made demands on the universe and gave it six months or I was going to kill myself. I came across Access Consciousness a week later, had a session and never contemplated killing myself again. It is the one thing that has given me an even greater level of peace than I found when I was 12 years old.


People have been taught that you need to judge in order to choose. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can actually choose from awareness; and if you are willing to choose from awareness, there doesn’t have to be any judgment involved.

Self in Relationship

One thing you can do in your intimate, family and work relationships is discard all the judgments that have built up between you and the other. If you do that, what happens is you lay down your side  of the tug of war line that you have been holding on to and then the other person doesn’t have anything to pull against anymore, and it gives you a much easier time having more of a sense of You.

Ask yourself: “What percentage of Me have I divorced to be in my current (or most recent) relationship?” For many people, they are surprised at how high the number is.

What if you stopped divorcing You to fit into other people’s realities? Would your life – and your relationships – get better?

Starting Over

I had a friend who got fired from their job. I said: “Good. I am taking you out.” She said: “Why are we celebrating?” I said: “Because this is a change, and whatever is around the corner is greater than what you just left.” What I found in dealing with thousands of people is that every time you create a change in your life, it is greater if you allow yourself to see it that way; and it never looks the way you think it is going to.

The work that I do appeals to people who can be grateful for the perfection of life as it is, and still want more.  What if, even if you are aware of the divine perfection of something, you can still contribute to it becoming even more amazing and beautiful? What if we could live from the oneness we truly are, in The Kingdom of We?

Ask yourself: “How does it get any better than this?”



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