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Water of Life, Astrologer Andrew Smith for Summer 2013

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diver water of life

Water of Life: Explore the Alchemy of The Great Pyramid, Andrew Smith

diver water of life

Within this realm of Reality, as consciousness splinters from its origin as a singular, unified entity into a dualistic state – creating light and dark, pure energy and consciousness, awareness and unconsciousness, male and female – there exists five organising principles in life, known as the elements. Within the western astrological tradition, four of the elements comprise the psychic structures within which consciousness is expressed; the fifth (Aether) creates the overall matrix within which life is housed. Each one of the four elements has one of three ways in which it can take form, resulting in the creation of the zodiacal signs.

We will swim within the gentle, healing currents of the Water element during the summer of 2013. The crescendo of this watery concerto harmonises during a rare, benign celestial alignment on the 18th and 19th of July as a pyramidal pathway opens, linking three planetary archetypes within each of the three aqueous zodiacal signs. This has only happened four times previously in the past 3,000 years; and whilst a similar pattern opened up in early 1967, the triad of planets sojourning within the exact same signs they are this coming summer has not happened since the 17th of August 928 BCE!!


Water is our life giver. We cannot survive without her. She is instinct. She is feeling. She is shapeless, fluid and malleable. Her fixity shaped and sculpted the earth during the Ice Age; her cardinality continues to shape our land and give us energy in the form of waves; and her mutability pours her life-giving elixir on us in the form of rain clouds. Ours is the blue planet, so named because of this element. We have built our cities on the landscape she has shaped – riverbeds, alluvial planes, coastlines. She can extinguish even the hottest known fire (lava), flood or fertilise our earth and cool our air. She nourishes and activates life.

In terms of consciousness, water is simply energy in motion – e-motion. Emotion is what fuels us. According to esoteric teachings, our manifest reality begins with an idea. However, a thought by itself has no momentum until it is charged. Once fuelled by passion (emotion), a thought becomes very, very powerful indeed. You can use the strength of your heart to transform any restrictive emotions, or transmute negative emotions to their opposite positive emotions, but this requires you to always remain fully aware of your feelings and emotions at all times. This is alchemy in action.

You would be forgiven if you thought that alchemy was all about the transmutation of base metals, such as lead, into precious metals, such as gold. True alchemy, however, concerns the evolution of the human body, soul and spirit, where the “lead” of darker characteristics is transmuted into the “gold” of their corresponding positive characteristics in an ongoing process that leads you on the path back to unity with Source Consciousness.

Inner Guidance System

Your emotions are your inner guidance system, and by being continually aware of your feelings, you can steer your life in a more conscious direction instead of being swept along on a river of external thoughts and “situations,” under the influence or even direct control of others. The watery, therefore emotionally charged, climate of this summer’s cosmic conditions is awash with the opportunity to not only hone your ability to bring enormous dreams into being, but equally ripe is the karios to access really deep emotional healing.

No astrologer can ever say how a given celestial event will specifically manifest, since those psychic conditions are moulded by both your awareness and your choices. Nothing is ever written in stone. By becoming aware of the parameters of the planetary climate in any given period, it affords you a more objective ability to channel and guide the latent potential in whatever way you need at this point on your path.

Energetic Gateway

The formation of this mid-July sacred geometric pyramidal structure, or Grand Trine, effectively opens up an energetic gateway that enables us to consciously access and integrate the wisdom extant within the three realms of consciousness: Experience, Aspiration and Divinity. Its presence affords us a very powerful opportunity for cleansing and connection at a divine level, since water is the source of cleansing, purification and regeneration. The emotional shifts possible at this time are HUGE, as the depth of feeling, intuitive wisdom and compassion accessed will help you experience profound healing as hidden truths easily emerge, soothed and healed, easing any Soul, family or relationship related pain and suffering that you carry.

Simultaneously, you have access to massive intuitive experiences, creative expression and lucidity of dreaming. It is a time wherein you have the opportunity to create and re-create the highest possible outcomes for your own life, and for those immediately connected to you, since the water element has the ability to permeate all dimensions of life – manifest and ethereal.

If you are seeking to heal during this summer, it would be useful to hold space around family and past emotional intimate experiences between the 26th of June and the 9th of July. During this time, reflect or meditate on what underlying emotion fuels the relationships you create – love, happiness, anger, fear, anxiety, etc. If a lower vibration emotion drives you, please take the time to really feel why you have given permission to those emotions to dictate the course of your platonic and intimate relationships.

Auspicious Astrological Dates for Summer 2013

July 9th is the day to commit to a new feeling that will ignite your emotional development. It is energetically auspicious, between the 9th and 20th of July, to begin experimenting with this new feeling, but please be patient with yourself in the way you would be with an infant learning to walk. As the pyramid forms between the 18th and 20th of July, you have an opportunity to find a dynamic and confident expression of this new emotion. Around the 30th of July, watch for moments of sublime serendipitous confirmation of the commitment you made to your life process on the 9th of July, through people, news events, overheard conversations, chance meetings and moments of clarity.

We are living through a magical time wherein an ideal will emerge in our collective consciousness that will fuel a revolution to unify us on all levels of reality. Now is the time to truly be, and to get out of the way of your Divine Being, whose primary aim is to empower your soul to manifest your heartfelt dreams.

Highlights of summer 2013’s cosmic activity

  • June 8th – Geminian New Moon
  • June 12th  – Manifesting Dreams as Saturn trines Neptune
  • June 26th – Expanding Heart as Jupiter enters Cancer and Inner Home as Mercury retrogrades in Cancer
  • July 8th – Cancerian New Moon
  • July 9th – Commitment as Mercury unites with the Sun
  • July 18th – BIG dreams as Jupiter trines Neptune
  • July 19th – Sustained Inspiration as Saturn again trines Neptune
  • July 20th – Connection as Mercury turns direct
  • August 6th – Leonine New Moon
  • August 8th – Spiritual Uprising as Jupiter opposes Pluto
  • August 21st – Quantum leaps as Jupiter squares Uranus

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