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Buddha Bag Special Event: May 29Th: Chacaruna Visits From Peru

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Please note it is necessary to book this event in advance. (Details below)
Admission is 15euro and 10euro concession.

Roberto Flores Solis was born and raised in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco-Peru, in 1973, a magical place with ancient buildings, and no one remembers when much of it was built, surrounded by beautiful mountains where it is said that you can hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Roberto now develops programs for the beginning awakening of the consciousness or to experience higher states of consciousness in parallel dimensions in the Sacred Spaces, which are the Fields of Power of greater magnetism and spiritual strength for the New Era. He calls himself a ‘Chacaruna’, an Incan term, which means “bridge person”. A Chacaruna is the one helps others to cross from one state of consciousness to other states of consciousness, from the mind to the heart, from the present to the past or to the future. Achacaruna is always exploring this reality in order to contact with the beauty and perfection of creation. A chacaruna helps people connect to the spirit world and can walk between the upper, middle and lower world.

*Cross the bridge to the spiritual heartland with Roberto Flores Solis*

Chacaruna literally means a “bridge person” in the spiritual tradition of the Andes. A Chacaruna works to help other cross over to altered states of consciousness. In these states people experience a wider, deeper reality where their ties to ego-consciousness are loosened. In this new “land” we experience an unconditional love which is overwhelming and it is the practice of this love that Roberto uses to help others awaken to a Superior Consciousness. Roberto takes us on this journey with the guidance and help of ancestral practice, in a light-hearted space of simplicity honouring the traditions of the Andes. Note: All other events for ROBERTO are sold out so this is a very special, once-off opportunity to see him.

Book in advance to reserve your space by emailing buddhabagmeeting@gmail.com 
An interpreter will be present on the night.




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