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Breathtaking Underwater Relaxation

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Get free in the Red Sea


Freediving, or breath-hold diving, is all about relaxation and mastery of our breath. Learning to still the body and mind before slipping below the surface and exploring the beauty of the underwater world. Humans have been freediving for food since our evolution. Our ‘mammalian dive reflex’ enables our heart to slow and our body to conserve oxygen, enabling us to dive deeper and longer but now we can freedive for pleasure rather than necessity.

Emma Farrell, author of ‘One Breath, a Reflection on Freediving,’ has created a unique getaway experience that combines freediving and yoga on board a luxury yacht. A yoga teacher and freediving guru, Emma and her team of instructors introduce you to yoga and the many freediving disciplines, as well as giving you the chance to experience the profound relaxation practice known as yoga nidra (yogic sleep) under the stars each night.

“On the last trip we dived pristine coral reefs surrounded by fish, incredible wrecks, and saw turtles and lionfish swimming lazily by us. On the last night, moored in the middle of the ocean, we were visited by two playful dolphins, which swam, played and blew bubble rings at us until we were too tired to continue. It was a truly magical and unforgettable experience.”

Anyone can learn to freedive, and families are welcome.

gofreediving.co.uk | pynto.com/onebreath


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