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Event: Detox Seminars Dublin, Galway & Cork

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With Denise Keane and Jennifer O’Callaghan

Visit the Positive Life Facebook page for an opportunity to win a free pair of tickets.

Detox dublin, cork, galway

The College of Naturopathic Medicine have announced their Detox Seminar coming to Dublin, Cork and Galway in this month.

Dublin 24th January | Galway 31st January | Cork 7th February


Health comes through the knowledge we recieve and the choices we make. Everyday we can make choices that support our health, uplifting not only our body but contributing to our mental and emotional wellbeing and energy levels, lightening the strain of processed foods, stress and modern life can put on your body and increasing your vitality.  There is a lot that you can do to help your body eliminate toxins efficiently and effectively. Sometimes you might need a little extra help to support your body’s natural elimination system.

Denise Kane

denise-kane“I began my journey to better health in 2011 following the diagnosis of my then 7 year old with Type 1 diabetes. Hoping to combat some of the IBS symptoms my stress and anxiety were causing, as well as, fighting to ensure that my family received the very best nutrition had to offer. I embarked on my journey to better nutrition. I discovered the power a change in diet could exert over body and mind and became passionate about spreading my new found knowledge with others. I began blogging about my change in diet towards a grain, dairy and sugar free diet, out of this my blog “Irish Paleo Girl” was born! I am still not sure how people found me initially as I typed away to cyber space but my blog has continued to grow with over 50,000 readers a month and 15,000 facebook likes! I am happy to say my son’s condition is very stable and our family as a whole are enjoying the many benefits that nutrition and health has to offer.”

Join CNM to learn how certain foods and herbs can help enhance your body’s built-in purification system, without depleting essential nutrients that might leave you feeling tired or fatigued. Plus you will also receive lifestyle tips, recipes and more to keep you on your detox path.

Book tickets: Dublin 24th January | Galway 31st January | Cork 7th February





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