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Full Law of Attraction Article from our Spring 2015 Issue, by Dee Wallace.

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This is an article from our spring 2015 issue, out now. Stockists | Subscribe in time for the summer issue.

The Thrill of It

Dee Wallace, Attraction quotes

The exciting vibration of you.

By Dee Wallace

It is time to be thrilled. It is time to be thrillingly creating who we are. When we combine peace, joy, love and fun with the thrill of the ride, everything comestogether in a ball of creation that is unstoppable!

Many of us associate ‘thrilling’ with scary, and that can be a ride! It can be a fun one if you are on a roller-coaster but a tedious one if you are living on the edge financially, or in regards to your health. The challenge is to connect the true thrill of easy, effortless creation as the excitement we love, and break the electrical charge around needing struggle and sacrifice that creates the experience of stressful living. The Universe and our belief systems are giving us plenty of opportunities to experience that.

When we perceive stress as a bad, debilitating thing, our beliefs support the breakdown of our bodies due to “stressful living.” When we embrace all the opportunities we are creating , and all the experiences we “get to handle” and all the ideas we have the opportunity to move on – when we choose the perspective of a joyful, exhilarating ride that is thrilling, stress becomes a positive that feeds us and nurtures us. And we get to choose that perspective. We also get to choose the balance we need, and to hold our lives in balance when we can feel we might be going into a little overwhelm.

The key in all this is remembering that we are in control of directing all the energy around this, and choosing to create a new, thrilling and exciting change around doing more, and doing more of what we want, and choosing the perspective that absolutely anything we do can hold that electrical charge because we take the time to create the connection.

The easiest and most accurate way to live in this space is to ask ourselves the four basic questions that are the cornerstones of joyful creating:

Am I loving myself in this moment and experience?

Am I loving everybody, the world and the Universe in this moment?

Am I living in this moment right now, not the past or the future?

Am I aware that I am my own creator right now?

This is called The Circle of Life, and when that circle is a complete flowing one, our understanding of everything expands continually. When one or more of those cornerstones fall away, the circle collapses into itself and we may falter. When the circle is in fl ow, we break the old patterns and create new synapses and neural pathways which create our realities in more joyful, conscious ways. We become more aware, every minute, that the choice to have it, is the choice to be it. We are, literally, The Circle of Creation.

And isn’t that joyful? To know we can always create the perspective and charge of joy. Say it with me, “I am the electrical charge of thrilling, joyful creation. I am the electrical charge of the Universe!” As we create our own thrilling, loving charge, we create the Universe being that also. What an honour! What a responsibility! What a gift! We get to create the world, and be born anew in it! Awesome!

Dee wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years (E.T., Cujo, The Howling). Her book, bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life in acting.

This is an article from our spring 2015 issue, out now. Stockists | Subscribe in time for the summer issue.



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