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Tomorrow Evening at The Buddha Bag Meeting: The Tuath Dé Dannan with Treacy O’Connor

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Thursday 8 October 8pm, The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8


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Lighten Up with the Tuath Dé Dannan with Treacy O’Connor

A reminder of our ancient heritage. A re immersion in the stories and wisdom of old that have remained in this land for 3,500 years. A reconnection to our inner luminosity so we can re emerge from our underground caverns and shine forth.

The evening will start by remembering that we do not walk alone on this earth and we are fully supported, so we will honour the directions, the elements and all beings with a gentle opening of the space. This will be followed by some story telling about the Tuatha De Danann, why did they come to Ireland? Who were they? What did they do for us? Can they still help us?

As Treacy progresses through the story, she will reference the faery folk and talk about how their energy has been kept alive through the ages. One of the biggest qualities they have to remind us of, is the ability to focus (their use of the wand with heart felt intention). There will be activity in groups of 3 or 4 where participants will speak to each other of their faery connection and any memories they have.

“With the mind a little more focussed, I will bring the participants through a process of sharing from the heart, where they get to really listen to each other and experience being fully heard, Again in groups of 3 or 4.”

The essence of the talk/experience will be reconnection. Reconnection with ourselves, each other and the planet. In doing so, and reaffirming our connection to the ancient shining ones, we are more equipped to be lighter in this world. We are called to remember that in fact we all hold the qualities of the Tuatha De Danann light, love, wisdom, joy and peace within each of us. We just have to re-ignite it in our hearts by living with compassion and friendship in all our relationships, whether they be personal or professional. It is time to remove the masks and layers of energetic shields we have built up around ourselves and allow our true selves to shine in harmony and collaboration, uniting for a common purpose. The time has come for the Tuatha De Danann to re-emerge from the underworld through us.

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