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Autumn Astrology: Authentic Voice & Protection of the Archangels. By Andrew Smith

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Time to Express Your Heartfelt Desires

Autumn Astrology, Andrew Smith

By Andrew Smith

This is taken from our Autumn 2015 issue. Subscribe here to have the next four issues delivered direct to your door, in print.

Having reluctantly emerged from the warmth and security of her recent embrace with Sol, an invigorated, self-orientated, youthful Venus lights up our early morning skies this coming Autumn. Her appearance as the morning stars heralds the dawn of a time where the old fear based, poverty values can be released; and a death knell tones as the slavery of your time, your energy and your creativity by a system designed to shut you up and dull you wavers, further reinforced by other Autumnal Cosmic omens.

Henry Thoreau once said that “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them” The song he refers is not music per se but the creative essence of Infinite Intelligence within you seeking an outlet; that song may not be music at all, but maybe something that gives greater expression to your divine nature, to the creative life-force that flows through you.

Yet for many, it is difficult to confidently and unequivocally speak openly and honestly about topics that matter. I am not referring to public speaking, but to initiating an authentic conversation about the values that you hold dear. Perhaps it has something to do with residing within a world that encourages you to not believe in yourself; wherein your opinions do not matter; and, moreover, that you do not really matter? Perhaps it has something to do with the innately human desire to be accepted, to fit in?

Speaking openly, an expression of the Libran zodiacal archetype, the sign wherein Mercury rests this September, requires courage because to confidently “sing your song” is one of the most raw and vulnerable experiences that you can have. To have an authentic conversation you will have to take a path through a dimly lit region at the edge your soul, a place called fear – fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted; fear of not being loved. Yet in spite of the fact that you may fear that you won’t be loved, to openly speak your truth is one of the most important things you can do in creating a world that truly honours your voice.

Imagine what your world would be like if you stripped away the layers of external thought forms that influence your reality and focused only on what you truly feel, think and believe! During the Libran/ September Mercurial retrogradation you have such an opportunity. It would be prudent to reflect on whether your voice, and what you speak of, is genuinely yours or does it come from external sources such as your parents and family members; your educational/religious/socio-economic conditions; or from your karma.

As Venus’ luminosity gradually increases through late Autumn, the Cosmic Mind is infused with a charge of energy to better enable you to express your heartfelt desires on your own terms. This process culminates as Venus and Jupiter, in the form of the Archangels Haniel and Tzadkiel, embrace on the 25th October. This beautiful pairing’s offer is to open your heart to what you really value; to show you the truth of how much you trust in your own creativity to generate the life your heart desires; to remind you that you live within an infinitely abundant state and that you don’t need to focus on money as a means to enable you to pursue your true path.

Aniel’s presence enables you to develop and maintain a harmonious relationship with gOd and those souls that you come into contact with; to discover creative inspiration for artistic projects as well as to increase their productivity; and to help you find hope. Tzadkiel’s presence radiates comfort to you when you are afraid, wounded or grieving and kindles a desire for spiritual development in your heart. So if you are seeking to heal your heart or your loss of confidence in your creative spirit; to find joy; to seek comfort if you are feeling insecure; to open your heart in complete trust of life, of love and of spirit, tonight is the night to hold a space for grace to fill you; joy to flow through your heart and for pure radiant abundance and love to emanate from your spirit.

As winter dawns, we will once again return to focusing on the veils that bind us to the dying hierarchal paradigm. The gradual erosion of those Veils merely enables you to feel how oxygen starved you have been as those tentacles of conditioning loosen and their hold on you is released. This cyclical dissolution of what you think you believe in is better can only be attained through a process of surrendering, trusting and letting go. Fighting the system will not work. The outer conditions of your world are merely a reflection of your inner world and without facing and friending your own illusions and prejudices the world, your world, will remain within the hold of the security paralysis paradigm.

If you face; name; understand; heal and ultimately embrace your shadow, or in simple terms you get to a point where you can LOVE your shadow, it no longer has a hold over you. By cleansing your inner world, you cleanse the outer world. Without those inner vanities the system has no hold over you and cannot exist. So will you accept this gift and willingly embrace the ordeal of rearranging your perceptions and transforming yourself and therefore your reality?

Andrew’s private practise is in Blackrock, South Dublin. Email him on dastroc@gmail.com for further information on consultations, workshops or classes. Join him on Facebook for daily updates.


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