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A Bio Break in Co. Wicklow – Ultra Luxury in Ireland’s Only Bio Hotel

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This is taken from the winter 2015/2016 issue of Positive Life. Subscribe | Stockists

The Wells Spa

The BrookLodge is a bio hotel that also encompasses the Wells Spa, Macreddin Village and ‘Strawberry Tree’, the only certified organic restaurant in Ireland. Much of the food across BrookLodge is grown or foraged on site – including the eggs from the free range chickens happily roaming the grounds when you arrive. It’s set in the stunning Wicklow Valley and although I went there primarily for the hot tub, there were so many reasons I didn’t want to leave.

A two minute stroll, and on the grounds of the hotel is Macredin Village, home to Italian restaurant La Taverna Armento. After three courses of some of the most amazing Italian food I’ve eaten in Ireland, I was well ready for bed but if you’re up for more fun, Acton’s Pub next door is perfect for cosy winter evenings.

The Wells Spa is famous for its outdoor hot tub, bubbling away next to the very brook the lodge is named after and didn’t disappoint. I was also treated to my first ever facial. Admitting that I’d never had a facial before led to the loveliest chats with my therapist and heading out, skin aglow and eyebrows perfectly groomed, I felt like I was leaving time with an old friend.

What stood out most during my stay were two things though. Firstly, the focus on local, home grown produce rings true throughout the lodge and leads to amazing food wherever you turn, and secondly, the staff were so calm yet friendly, that this seemed to have a knock on effect on the guests, leading to one of the warmest hotel vibes I’ve had the pleasure of being in the midst of.


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