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Kate Curtis, owner of Danu Lodge, was one of the many holistic pioneers we got the chance to interview in our Summer 2021 issue. She spoke with us about how Danu Lodge aims to be a place of deep peace and sanctuary to all who visit.

In The Arms of Danu

Help in times of transition

by Alison McEvoy

Danu Lodge is nestled amid a number of sacred mountains and sites, along the gloriously beautiful border of Wicklow and Wexford. Owner Kate Curtis, was inspired to lovingly restore and recreate this lodge into “a retreat for people in transition.”

“At Danu Lodge it is my honour, along with several others, to offer guidance and counsel to those going through major life changes, and who are on the path of self discovery and deep transformation at this time of great change for humanity.”

Originally a nurse and midwife, Kate extended her training into all manner of healing modalities. She is passionate about acupuncture and has come to see just how useful it is in boosting immunity and in healing the emotional system of the mind-body. She also offers shamanic healing, Reiki, reflexology, herbal medicine, Tai Chi and ChiGong.

All these healing arts have aided her in her own journey of healing.

“I did a lot of work on myself. We have to do our own deep inner shadow work. Dig deep and try to heal what is not healed … what’s lying beneath the shadows cannot be healed. It must be brought into the light.”

There is “deep work” to do for all those willing to dive into the shadows and emerge into the light. Danu Lodge, named after the mother goddess Danu, is a place where nature’s beauty and support, a core ethos of compassion, and a host of talented guides can help you along the way.

Come and dig deep in whatever way you feel inspired. You will find space for “silence, meditation, writing, painting, whatever you want,” in the nurturing embrace of Danu Lodge. 


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